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Larsen Virtuoso Violin String Set Ball Forte

Item # : LV205SBF


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Strings of power and nuance

If you enjoy a string with great power, brilliance, and projection but want to avoid high tension, the new Larsen Virtuoso may be the string you've been looking for. Manufactured at a medium level of tension, the Larsen Virtuoso will allow your violin's tone to blossom and open up its natural range of sonority, yet allow you to fill the concert hall with sound all the way to the back chairs. Soft feel under the fingers, yet extremely articulate and responsive. Synthetic core with fast settle-in time. Aluminum wound A, silver D and G. Solid carbon steel E string, with choice of ball or loop end. 4/4 size, choice of medium or forte gauge.


Larsen Virtuoso Violin String Set Ball Forte

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2/24/2021 5:34:00 am

My violin loves these strings

I'm an enthusiastic amateur with a nice fiddle from the 1890s. I can't speak to the finer points of performance or how these strings blend in in an orchestral setting, but on my violin they bring the instrument alive with a sweet, full tone. They feel smooth under my fingers and are a pleasure to play. The only fault I have with these strings is that they made me greedy. Perhaps the latest and greatest would be even better? Nope. Not on my violin. These are an investment I am happy to make.

1/23/2019 3:15:00 am

Ok, when they're not randomly buzzing

These strings are acceptable, except when they buzz for no apparent reason. I actually hated these strings from day one. However, since they were moderately expensive I decided to give them a lengthy chance. They do sound lovely when they aren't being a pain, which is about 50% of the time. I am used to playing with the Evah Pirazzi gold strings. I never had a problem with them buzzing. With Evah's you have to play with more weight in your bow, but the sound is easier to control and the tone quality is far superior. These Larsen's are way too responsive for my liking. You barely touch them and they're playing, but not in a nice way. They feel and sound weak and airy. I prefer a powerful, warm, controlled sound that is rich and deep. These Larsen's were basically the opposite of everything I like. I just ordered a new set of the Evah Golds. I won't be cheating on her ever again. Lesson learned.