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Kinder Chinder Pad for Shoulder Rest or Chinrest - Large

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Unique design ideal for chin, neck, and shoulder comfort. Corduroy material has flap which hooks over chinrest, covers chinrest barrels, and lays on back as a shoulder pad. Foam inserts may be put in or taken out for height adjustment. Elastic bands secure rest to back. Relatively thin design allows it to fit in most cases without having to be taken off, an advantage for beginners. Instructions included. Large size fits 4/4 violin and 17-14" viola. Colors may vary.


Kinder Chinder Pad for Shoulder Rest or Chinrest - Large

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2/12/2019 3:29:00 am

Kinder Chinder Pad

I own 2 Kinder Chinder Pads and am about to buy a third as a gift. They are very comfortable, can be placed in the case attached to the violin. Furthermore, I actually feel my violins sound better, rounder, fuller and mellower.

8/22/2016 1:27:00 pm

Works for me

In getting back to violin playing, I wasn't happy with the rigid shoulder rests I had grown up using. I preferred the more direct and looser connection of no shoulder rest, but that required using a cloth to prevent contact pain. This pad works just right for me. I'm experimenting with adding a bit more padding in the shoulder pocket which has only a very thin piece of foam.

9/17/2012 4:44:00 am

Rest at last!

I've tried about every type shoulder rest there is: inexpensive to expensive. Nothing has worked because I have narrow shoulders and long neck. But the Kinder Chinder Pad combination of chinrest pad and shoulder pad works well. The simple design keeps my chin in place, pads the hardware at the end of the violin, and puts just enough padding on the shoulder to provide the comfort and support I've been missing.

5/24/2010 9:19:00 pm

Works well!

I bought this for a student playing a half-size violin because he is growing quickly. It fit fine and works perfectly, despite it being for 3/4 to 4/4 violins. He greatly appreciates the foam inside! It helps him hold the instrument more firmly and the fact that we can leave it on the instrument inside the case and begin playing without searching for rubber bands is convenient.

5/9/2010 7:38:00 am


I felt the comfort right at the first moment of trying it on. Now I can really clamp the violin using my chin and shoulder. The cloth covers the hard surface of the existing chin rest and also the metal part that otherwise sticks into my neck. The only negative thing is it doesn't come with the internal chin pad (to use in lieu of a chin rest). However, you won't need it if you already have a chin rest.