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Karl Joseph Schneider Master Art Violin

Item # : KJS3044


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The beloved Karl Joseph Schneider® Master Art violin had been one of the most teacher-recommended violins we ever offered. And no wonder: superb tone and balance, careful German craftsmanship and a wonderful "Old German" antique varnish, all add up to a winner. Our careful shop setup and play testing assures that your new Schneider® violin will perform at its best as soon as it arrives in your home.

In a world of mass-produced merchandise that lacks "that certain something", isn't it comforting to know that there are still skilled craftsmen making violins using time-tested methods that were handed down to them by past generations? Our German-made Karl Joeseph Schneider® violins are hand-made, often in the very homes of skilled "Geigenbaumeisters". All of our Schneider® violins are made to our specifications, carefully designed for students that are moving up to an instrument capable of bringing out a broad range of musical expression.

"The Schneider® Master Art has been very popular ever since we started carrying this violin. I personally like it for its very rich, warm sound. Though a warm violin, it still has a lot of power to project in a large hall. They also come in fractional sizes, making them perfect for an advancing student."
- Aaron Prior, Violist and Shar Violin Shop Sales Supervisor


Karl Joseph Schneider Master Art Violin

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8/20/2022 12:24 am

23 years

Had a repair so I broke out my KJS Master violin S3496 circa 1999….adore it! This was a gift from my folks back then just shy of $1700 so for the price difference in almost 25yrs the current price is great. I forgot how beautify this piece plays and the F holes are a great size for some solo sound. I always took great care of this violin of my 4 but I think I’ll start using this as my everyday piece again. Specifically came to this site just to leave this message I hope somebody is persuaded because it’s worth it even after all these years stephen from Cleveland

2/14/2020 9:47:00 am

Fine Instrument

I purchased the Karl Joseph Schneider Master Art Violin for my wife, who is a beginning student at an advanced age. We tried it out along side similarly priced Chinese models from Shar. We believe it was superior in tone and quality and are very pleased with our selection. The sales representatives at Shar were very knowledgeable and helpful in this process.

Ethan Amdahl
12/1/2009 8:54:00 pm

Master Art

If you are searching for a violin that has a wonderful full, warm tone and that is priced resonably, then I am sure that you will be very pleased with the Karl Joseph Schneider Master Art, just as I have been