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Joey Case Carrier for Compact or Dart Violin and Viola Case

Item # : JB100D


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The Ultimate Backpack Case Carrier . . . Now For Compact and Dart Violin and Viola Cases!
Are you an active player, running nonstop to rehearsals, performances and lessons? Do you bring all your sheet music and accessories with you because there is zero time between performances?
Have you yearned for a free hand to take a phone call, grab a bite to eat or to hold your umbrella when it rains?

The Joey is a revolutionary new solution to carrying your violin or viola case and all your accessories with ease! With the highest quality backpacking straps and cushions normally found only on top-end hiking and climbing gear, you'll forget you're wearing the Joey, yet everything you need is at hand.

Using the Joey is a snap! Easy to attach around any compact, dart, or shaped violin or viola case, and just as easy to remove. Secure clips and even a safety strap assure that your case isn't going anywhere except with you.

Everything an active player needs in one place, with a stylish look! Black fabric with reflective piping assures a great look with added safety, and the backpack straps stow under a flap when not in use. Zippered storage pockets easily hold a large orchestra folder, several quartets, metronome, pre-amp, cable and pencils. There is a special pouch for your iPad or Kindle and you can even bring your folding music stand or umbrella in Joey's special, fold-flat storage pouch.

The Joey is adjustable for use with all shaped and dart compact violin and viola cases. Case not included.  Suitable for all models of compact, dart, and shaped violin and viola cases, including American Case, Ambassador, BAM, Heritage, GL, Bobelock, Musafia, Jaeger, GEWA, SL.

Black. Weight 2.8 lbs


Joey Case Carrier for Compact or Dart Violin and Viola Case

Ratings & Reviews

4/24/2013 1:27:00 pm

The same product as the original Joey!

I have a Bam Contoured (Shaped) Hightech Violin Case and because it doesn't have music pockets, I carry all my music and what not in my purse. Unfortunately, the weight adds up and I'd like to balance it on my shoulders. I bought the original Joey a year ago hoping it would help. Its an amazing concept, but the shape didn't fit and didn't look right on my case (it looked like it was trying to wear Spongebob's pants and the bottom was sagging). I returned it and got a refund. When this product came out, I was excited thinking that it was designed with the dart design in mind. When I received this one, I was upset. It was literally the same as the original! It was NOT designed for the dart shaped violin case. It still looked droopy and not natural with the shape of the case. I do NOT recommend this product and hope Shar/ the makers of the Joey rethink about the design to better fit a dart shaped case.

4/17/2013 1:12:00 pm

Suits my need, but could use some improvement

I got this so that I can carry my violin (in BAM classic case) when I ride my bike. It fits fine, it seems sturdy, and I like all the pockets. I use it when I don't bike too, as it frees my hands. However the material is quite heavy (heavier than I expected), and I wish the shoulder straps were contoured to fit the body better. A hip strap might help too. I think it could use the material and fit of the latest outdoor backpack style: strong but light weight material, and fit that allows weight distribution better.

8/19/2012 3:14:00 am

faculty, Settlement Music School

WARNING! Do not buy this case carrier for a shaped case, especially not a smooth non-fabric covered case like the SL Super light, etc. Although it's fairly light and has tons of great storage, and very nice cushioned and comfortable backpack straps, it has some big design flaws which you should keep in mind before you decide to purchase: 1. I purchased the Joey to go with the SL Super Light Compact Case also purchased through Shar because I needed a lightweight and hands-free option for my bicycle and public transit commute (I am a busy teacher and performer and always need to carry a million things with me). Although the listing says that the cover will fit any shaped case, I was very disappointed to find that this carrier's straps will not stay tightened on a narrower, smooth surfaced full-sized case which caused the case to slide around in a totally unsafe and unacceptable manner, unless I Macgyvered it with an elastic bungee strap. I had much better luck with an old Heritage dart covered case of mine, but even with this case, the plastic adjustable slides that secure the straps in a similar manner to a backpack strap do not hold very securely. I actually had to take them off and flip them upside down to have them hold firmly. 2. The nice little safety strap that secures the handle of your case to the Joey is not attached at all to the Joey itself, it's just completely loose when not fastened to your case, which is a baffling oversight in the design as it will just fall off and get lost as soon as you open the case unless you remember to immediately fasten it to itself - I lost it like three times in the course of two days and am planning to sew it to the Joey before I lose it again. 3. There is a strange storage compartment where you can stow the backpack straps which is completely unnecessary and prevents the side straps that secure the Joey from being attached at the very outside of the Joey. Instead, they are attached on the inside of the carrier, which means you can't get as snug a fit since the body of the case will always push out on the straps, causing you to have to re-tighten often. I don't know who would want to use the Joey and not carry it like a backpack because that's the whole point of the carrier, so this feature seems useless and another annoying flaw. What made me decide to keep the Joey was the fact that it sits so high up on my back, making it much easier to walk and bike and it feels really ergonomic. I just really wish it was a better product for the price as it has a lot of potential to be much better.