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Jargar Superior Viola String Set - Medium Gauge

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Jargar Superior Viola Strings

For over sixty years, Jargar has crafted violin, viola and cello strings from the highest quality steel and alloys , establishing a loyal following, especially among professional players. With their new Superior viola strings, Jargar has taken all that they have learned about crafting great viola strings, applying their expertise in creating modern, synthetic viola strings. The result is strings that are simultaneously warm and brilliant, with complex tonal colors, strong and clean projection, and perfect balance. Slightly thinner than most synthetic strings, for a wonderfully smooth and pliable hand-feel. Very responsive in fast passages, and clear as a bell from forte to pianissimo, with a notable absence of background "sizzle". In medium gauge.

Instrument: Viola
String Type: Set
Size: 15 - 16 1/2 inches
Gauge: Medium

A String: Chrome wound over a steel core, Removeable Ball
D String: Silver wound over a synthetic core
G String: Silver wound over a synthetic core
C String: Tungsten-Silver wound over a synthetic core

String Tonal Profile:


Jargar Superior Viola String Set - Medium Gauge

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7/27/2013 4:47:00 am

Died on the vine

I replaced my strings with a set of Jargon superiors. At first, the sound was a happy surprise. But, they died in a month to a dull thud. Could it be my playing? Could it be my viola? Could it be the winter? Many factors play into a string just not working out. I will return to Obligato or Evah Pirazzi.