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Jakob Winter Premium Oblong Violin Case

Item # : JW500DGRN


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The Jakob Winter Premium Oblong Violin Case is Winter's masterpiece - a traditional German case, built to the highest standards of German manufacturing.

With a five layer wood shell, heavy duty black Cordura cover, heavy gauge German hardware, built-in and covered back packing system, deep suspension cushioning, this beautiful case is as safe as it is convenient and comfortable to carry. Digital hygrometer and extra-long vapor tube protect your valuable violin from improper humidity. Available in your choice of four interior premium velvet colors: Dark green, Dark blue, Burgundy, or Sand, with matching blanket. 7.3 lbs.


Jakob Winter Premium Oblong Violin Case

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1/7/2022 6:29:00 am

Nice Case!

I recently purchased the Jakob Winter case to replace an old Heritage Go! case I've had since high school. I was looking for something sturdy and lightweight, with enough room for my bonmusica shoulder rest. Pros: -sturdy: hardware, handles, hinges, etc. all feel quite solid. The cover is bolted into the case itself. -nice strap system: comfortable shoulder strap, and hidden backpack straps (love this feature - you can put them away when you're not using them, so they don't get caught on everything!). -roomy: 4 bow spinners, large storage compartment, large external music pocket, space for large shoulder rest. -other: my violin, which has a slightly longer-than-average body, fits in this case. Cons: -weight: this is several pounds heavier than my old case (which was about 3-4 lbs). It is not unbearably heavy, but will take some getting used to. -latch: the latch does not quite line up properly. When I close the lid, I have to push it forward slightly in order to get the top and bottom parts of the latch to "click" together. -backpack straps: these straps are adjustable, but they probably wouldn't work well for a larger person. I am tall and thin, and have adjusted the backpack straps as large as they will go. I actually wish they would adjust even more... -rubber feet: the feet are wobbly and feel like they may not hold up. -lid interior: the only beef I have with the interior of the lid is the fact that the center section (on which the hygrometer and the brand name plate are installed) is raised. This is actually quite inconvenient: it means that the second bow spinner up from the bottom is practically useless, unless the bow is stored hair-up. This, however, means that the very bottom spinner must store the bow hair-up as well. And this, in turn, means that a) you are going to wear your bow out from squeezing it into the bottom spinner or b) the string tube has to go. I just wish the design were better. The top spinners are perfectly fine.

5/4/2018 6:39:00 pm

Great Case!

I bought this case several months ago and love it! It's beautiful and beautifully made. The quality of this case far exceeds everything else I looked at in my search, even cases at twice the cost. There's plenty of room for shoulder pads, even the Comford Cradle, which is my largest one, fits nicely under the neck, wrapped in a cloth to take up the wiggle room. It has a nicely padded shoulder strap and it's very comfortable. The latch, for me, takes two hands because the magnetic snaps on the cover meet and close so quickly that I need to use one hand to keep them open. Otherwise, I love the magnetic snaps. In my old case, the snaps weren't magnetic, and that's where the fabric began to tear first. The cover on this case is going to last, maybe forever. Very durable and it has a large pocket for music too. I have 3 bows in my case and they fit fine. If you like backpack straps, the case has them. They are sew, and tucked neatly into a pocket on the bottom of the case. Initially I wished they weren't sewn in, since having them on the bottom means the bottom isn't perfectly flat. It's fine though because the case leans back. Also I can place the shoulder strap underneath it so that the case maintains the tilt back when it's open and my violin is inside. Another thing I adjusted to was the Velcro bands holding the violin at the neck. I use to have a ribbon tie. The Velcro is long, but easily bends, so I folded the under piece back and lay the top piece across it... works perfectly and stays in place. By the way, I have the blue one. It's a deep royal blue with coordinating ribbons on the bow lines. Excellent case, top quality materials and absolutely beautiful!