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Andreas Haensel Violin 'Stainer', 2014, Germany

Andreas Haensel Violin 'Stainer', 2014, Germany | F1 S5159A

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Item# F1 S5159A

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About This Item

An inspired and charming replica of the work of the great Jakob Stainer, one of history’s greatest and most revered luthiers. Possessing a sumptuous and generous sound, suitable for orchestral, chamber or solo performance. Textured and layered tone, the signature appeal of a Stainer. Careful selection of old tonewood, with back and ribs of small, delicately-patterned birdseye maple. The eye-catching top is crafted of very old spruce, with an undulating and well-defined grain pattern in medium width. Outstanding antiquing work, emulating the considerable merits of the work of Jakob Stainer. Skillfully applied red-brown varnish over a golden ground.

Upon examination of these violins, great attention to detail and a high level of technical mastery is quickly apparent. But it is in the playing that the real value of these violins emerges. Regardless of pattern, all violins have a quality that makes them easy to play, delighting the hand and ear. Strong, generous tone, with layers of complexity, is the first quality that one notices. Apply more and more bow weight, and the tone simply opens out, with great projection, yet with no overbearing qualities or harshness. Spend even more time playing, and a myriad of intangibles reveal themselves. Response is immediate, whether bowing with strong detache or flautando.  

About Andreas Haensel

In 1992, Andreas Haensel began training as a violin maker in the master workshop of Karl Höfner in Bubenreuth under the direction of master violin maker Alfred Zecho. He continued training at the State College of Violin Making in Mittenwald and in many other workshops, where he also built historical wind instruments as well as various string instruments. In 1995, Haensel began crafting in the workshops of Karl Höfner and Roderich Paesold and in March 2008, continued his training by attending the course for lacquer and optics of Francois Perignon in the Swiss violin making school in Brienz. Andreas Haensel has been working in his own studio in Kleinsendelbach near Nuremberg since March of 2009. Andreas Haensel continues to be recognized in the violinmaking world, recently adding another gold medal to his collection of awards.

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