Carlo Lamberti® Classic Violin - 3/4 Size

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Carlo Lamberti® Classic Violin - 3/4 Size | LV14 34
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LV14 Lamberti Classic Violin
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The Lamberti Classic: Still the Champion

Developed by Charles Avsharian, SHAR CEO, our original Carlo Lamberti violin has remained a popular choice among advancing players and their teachers, for the simple reason that it has consistently outperformed other violins in its price range. Remaining the champion, though, doesn’t just happen; it is the result of constant improvements to outperform the dizzying number of violins in this price range.

Improving the already great Lamberti Classic was a project two years in the making, involving SHAR’s luthiers, teachers, top-rank orchestral violinists and one of the world’s best instrument making workshops. We did not rest until we were assured that our improved Lamberti Classic was the finest violin in the marketplace for the price, an ideal instrument for an ambitious, rapidly advancing student.

Modeled on a famous 1715 Stradivari, this violin has been made with carefully aged flamed maple back, neck and scroll and seasoned European spruce tops. Carefully applied hand varnish, following traditional Italian methods, the Lamberti Classic employs four coats of varnish, dried naturally in the sun, bringing out the full beauty of the violin, both aesthetically and tonally. Quality fittings used throughout, including Hill-style ebony pegs, a hand-carved French
bridge and an ebony tailpiece with fine tuner for the E-string. 3/4 size.

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Customer Questions

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Asked On: 06/28/2016

What size violin is for children?

SHAR Answer:

Children typically use smaller string instruments than adults. Violins are made in fractional sizes for young students. Apart from full-size (4/4) violins, 7/8, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, 1/32 and even 1/64-sized instruments exist. These fractional sizes are not intended to be literal descriptions of relative proportions (ie: a 3/4-sized violin is not three-quarters the length of a full size violin).

Occasionally, an adult with a small frame may use a so-called 7/8 size violin instead of a full-size instrument. Sometimes called a lady's violin, these instruments are slightly shorter than a full size violin, but tend to be high-quality instruments capable of producing a sound that is comparable to that of fine full size violins. The 7/8 size would, in general, be compatible with most of the products and accessories of a full size instrument (ie: a player with 7/8 size could use full sized shoulder rests or strings).

The choice of violin size depends on the age and physical condition of the child, as well as the opinion and preference of the violin teacher. It’s always a good idea to ask your private teacher, if you have one, for their advice and guidance when choosing an instrument or a size. If you'd like to ask additional questions about this particular violin or about sizing in general, or if you're interested in an in-home trial, feel free to give us a call at 866.742.7270.

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