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Andreas Haensel Primo Violin

Andreas Haensel Primo Violin | AH94

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Item# AH94

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About This Item

Gold and Silver Medal Winner
Fifth International Violin-Making Competition, Pisogne, Italy

With over 100 top luthiers competing in this major juried event, Andreas Haensel's instruments were awarded the top two prizes in 2014. And, coming on the heels of awards in 2010 and 2013, the world's top luthiers have taken note of Andreas Haensel.

Works of Art, From the Hands of a Passionate Craftsman

Upon examination of these violins, great attention to detail and a high level of technical mastery is quickly apparent. But it is in the playing that the real value of these violins emerges. Regardless of pattern, all violins have a quality that makes them easy to play, delighting the hand and ear. Strong, generous tone, with layers of complexity, is the first quality that one notices. Apply more and more bow weight, and the tone simply opens out, with great projection, yet with no overbearing qualities or harshness. Spend even more time playing, and a myriad of intangibles reveal themselves. Response is immediate, whether bowing with strong detache or flautando.

When You Are Ready to Take Your Playing to the Next Level
Suitable for serious performing artists that are seeking a trusted "partner" to explore new musical worlds together, SHAR is now offering a limited number of Andreas Haensel's violins for your audition.

Learn more about Andreas Haensel's instrument creation process.

A message from the maker:

"From my first Guarneri violin copy, even as a student at the North Bennett Street School in the early Nineteen Nineties, my research led me to leave the thickness of the Guarneri model violins a bit thicker than the typical Stradivari copy. It was easy too go to far with this idea, and the result could be an overly bright or treble sounding violin. After making a few very successful small violas, I got the idea to combine the thicker violin back with the fuller, Brescian viola-like arching, when making Guarneri-style violins, to balance the warm, rich sound of the fuller arch with the brilliant carrying power inherent in the thicker violin back. After attending the Guarneri violin exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC in the mid nineteen nineties, and, after publication, owning the large format book that resulted from that historic gathering of fine violins, violinists and makers, lo and behold, there it was.... Mr Guarneri had already thought of this idea, and there was the Vieuxtemps of 1741, a magnificent violin with a thick back and a somewhat full-to-the-purfling arch, producing such a warm and carrying sound that most of the violin world has fallen in love with it. The perfect model for me. I got busy making a tracing from the technical drawing in Mr. Biddulph's book, from that a form and templates, and have been making that model as my primary violin since the late nineteen nineties."

Note: Images are typical of this model, but may vary due to being an individually crafted instrument by a master maker.

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Asked On: 08/27/2020

Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me understand how much if any the sound and tonal differences there are between this Andrea haensel primo violin and the forma grande violin by the same maker?

SHAR Answer:

Hi Nicolas, Thank you for your question! We'd be more than happy to talk through any differences and learn about your preferences. I would suggest contacting an Instrument Specialist at 800.248.7427.

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Question by:


Asked On: 01/02/2018

Is this instrument also suitable for professionals? -Thank you

SHAR Answer:

Hi Chelsea! For more information on this instrument, please contact our Violin Specialists at 1-866-742-7270 and we would be happy to help. Thanks!

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