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Violins Available Online for All Your Needs

SHAR is proud to offer violins for sale at all budgets and skill levels, from scaled-down beginner instruments to the finest professional violins.

Violins for Beginners

We supply beginner violins for sale to students and educators with a wide variety of sizes and prices to meet all your needs. From 1/32 size up to full-size violins for sale, we have it all. So whether you are buying a beginner instrument for yourself, your children or students, we can meet your unique needs.

Violins for Intermediates through Professionals

At SHAR, we also have intermediate, advanced-level, and professional violins for sale. We understand that choosing a violin is a very personal process, especially if you have played for a while. With almost 60 years of experience, we can help you find an instrument that you love, and we have an unconditional 30-day guarantee just in case your new violin doesn't entirely suit you.

Nervous about buying a violin online?

That's understandable. Buying a violin online can be risky since you can't hear it or try its feel. But SHAR can provide a great buying experience for you. We are not a general re-seller. We are music professionals who have been specializing in providing a wide variety of violins and other musical instruments since 1962. We have highly-trained, knowledgeable customer care staff on hand who can answer all of your questions.

Buying a violin online can be a great way to go if you work with a reputable company like us. You have the opportunity to try out an instrument, feel it and hear how it sounds, all in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Our instruments are given a professional setup at our Ann Arbor workshop, and everything we sell is carefully evaluated by our expert staff.

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Learn more about our 30-day unconditional guarantee here. Don't hesitate to contact our customer care team if you have questions!

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129 Items