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Ingles Instrument Stand - for Violin/Viola

Item # : 1559V


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Keeps your instrument safe and within easy reach when you need to take a break. Sturdy construction of heavy-duty metal with padded rest points to help protect varnish. Ingles Model SA-20.

The cello stand will also accomodate a double bass and the violin stand will also work for viola.


Ingles Instrument Stand - for Violin/Viola

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Brennan Donnelly
6/15/2022 9:00:00 am

Newer stand different

I love my original Ingles stand. My new stand is not the same. The feet are a full 2 inches closer together and the stand is not as sturdy as the original. It's still a good stand, just not as sturdy.

1/6/2022 8:41:00 am

Very adjustable, legs don't lock

"We like this stand a lot, it has a lot of adjustabilities and feels very sturdy. The only thing I would wish different is if the legs could lock in the outward position. I had some black foam that fits pretty well between the legs to give me some extra peace of mind. I am still giving it 5 stars because I don't think that it would matter for stability."

1/4/2022 7:33:00 pm

Best violin stand available

I've used both this and the Peak lightweight stand, and this stand is the best in terms of sturdiness. I feel like my instrument is safe and secure with this stand, and can't say the same for the Peak alternative.

9/5/2014 8:31:00 pm

Perfect Perch/Perfect Price

Iíve had this stand now for over 6 months. My violin is held safely ready for me to practice at any time with the shoulder rest already in place and my bow hangs from the back. All contact points are padded and thereís a swing arm on front of the neck so my instrument wonít fall forward and out of the stand. Couldnít want for more and the price is perfect as well.