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Schmidt Workshop Violin Bow

Item # : KVB44


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Economical brazilwood bows best suited to beginning players. Half-lined ebony frog, leather thumb grip, three-part button, wire winding.


Schmidt Workshop Violin Bow

Ratings & Reviews

7/21/2019 22:33:00

all about the money

I play professionally... classically and in an Irish Band... Classical bow is Pfretzschner bow which cost me about $1700... I love it... it is a quality bow that responds to the techniques needed to play in an orchestra, string quartets, etc. NOW... playing in a bar with a band is a different animal... I play plugged into a big sound system and the style of music that I play is... technically speaking... basic. SO, every 6 months I buy one of these bows for the bar gigs... at $30, I really don't care if one of my inebriated listeners accidentally breaks it. With this bow there are inconsistencies... like sometimes the stick is a little less firm so there is a wobble on the upper half of the bow... sometimes stick is more sturdy and that's not an issue. So buy this for a student... will last a while and you won't feel bad when the hair starts to fall out... just buy a new one and think about upgrading when the kid can play a Seitz concerto.

3/11/2019 23:16:00

Good bow

This is a good bow for beginners. I've had this bow for about 3 years now. It hasn't worn out and is still really good. Thinking about upgrading soon though.

8/25/2017 14:49:00

Great for the price range

I'm an adult beginner, who bought this bow about a year ago because the one that came with my low-end outfit was a bit warped. Although I've only been taking lessons and logging serious practice time for a short while now, I haven't yet encountered any mechanical problems with the screw, tip, etc. My skill level hasn't "outgrown" it yet, either (hopefully soon!). It's basically a decent, comfortable beginners bow. It's probably not for you if you're learning advanced bowing techniques, but for the basic stuff it seems like a step up from what comes with many outfit packages. Also, it's kinda hard to go wrong at this price point, since a brand new one is less than most places charge to re-hair an old one.

1/4/2016 14:59:00

Happy with purchase

I purchased a 1/4 size violin for my daughter to begin with. I'm now buying it to replace a carbon fiber that came with her 1/2 size. Great price for a bow that I don't have any complaints with, especially for a beginner.

8/8/2015 20:48:00

Fell apart

After a little over a year, the bow hair that attaches to the tip plate fell apart, you get what you pay for.

8/5/2015 10:48:00

Good bow

I bought this for my daughter last May over a year ago. I also bought a carbon fiber bow for $71. However, my daughter prefers the cheaper one. She only uses this bow for all her activities. I give a 4 star rating because I had to send it back twice due to the falling of the hair.

7/8/2014 12:11:00

Decent bow for the price

This is a decent bow for the low price, pretty well made. Good quality hair, tightens and loosens as it should, a bit lighter than some of the other bows we've tried. Any screeching comes from my son, as he is still learning to control the bow. On a good day, he sounds good with this bow!

6/8/2013 0:24:00

It plays Great

the new bow plays amazing it works better than my other bow i love it

Marie Clark
1/12/2011 4:06:00

Good buy

This bow is a good quality bow at a good price.

11/15/2010 10:53:00

Good bow

I have a carbon fiber bow, but this bow has better balance and sound. Really like this bow.

Brett Omara
1/20/2010 22:06:00

Fantastic bow

I've been using one of these bows for 3 years. I sold my 5,000 Pierre Fuchs bow because I liked this one better. It sounds and plays great. I use it for professional work in Opera Colorado and other orchestras, for rock shows with my touring group Spinphony, and have won auditions with it. Highly recommended. Although you will have a grumpy bow rehair person when they have to dig all the glue out of the frog...

12/1/2009 13:39:00

Lasted 6 months, but you get what you pay for.

We ordered this bow for my son in early December; in early June we opened his case to see the white plastic piece that attaches to the wood tip had come unattached. We are ordering it again, though. Just so cheap!