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Franz Hoffmann™ Prelude Violin Outfit 1/4 size

Item # : HV120T14


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Recommended for Beginners on a budget!

The Prelude is made with higher quality tonewood that will allow Beginners to advance further on their musical journey before trading up to another instrument.

Hand made by skilled artisans from aged maple and spruce tonewoods. Enhanced arching gives a warmer and more powerful sound; careful varnish application gives a clean and precise look that brings out the beauty of the wood; better quality pegs allow your young student to master the intricacies of tuning. In every way, our Prelude will exceed your expectations for a beginner's instrument - it will delight both parents and teachers and inspire your young student. Set-up with Overture Premium strings. Made in China, inspected in our Ann Arbor workshop. Available in 4/4 - 1/32 sizes.


Franz Hoffmann Danube Violin Starter Kit 4/4 Size

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4/26/2016 5:26:00 pm

Excellent Value

I adore this violin! I've heard many, many screechy, whiny, tiny violins but the prelude is none of those. My daughter has only been playing a few months and she already sounds lovely because of the quality of this instrument. The bow is wood, not fiberglass which is also a HUGE plus! Don't be fooled by the low price - the Prelude is an excellent value.

Violinist and teacher
11/10/2015 8:10:00 pm

My ~favorite~ beginner's instrument!

I have had consistently wonderful experiences when I've had young students buy the "Prelude" as a first violin. I have students right now who are playing the "Prelude" in 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 sizes, and I am extremely pleased with all of them. They have a very nice, warm, mellow sound under the ear, which I think my students really enjoy and benefit from. And I enjoy it immensely, too, as I am the one who has to listen to them, lol! :) Really, though, I think that this is an amazing value and the ideal beginning instrument particularly for younger children. The bow is also amazingly good, and I like that it's a real, wood bow, and not fiberglass. The instrument really is "forgiving", as described, and the whole outfit in my opinion really inspires confidence and enjoyment in my young beginning students. It sounds so much better than the shrill rental violins students so often come in with and is of far better quality and sound than much more expensive instruments students have brought me from SamAsh and other such places. I love the "Prelude"! (And I think I have pretty high standards as a Juilliard alum :-) )

4/27/2010 7:24:00 am

Very nice sound

Like I wrote in my 1/8 size Prelude violin review, I've purchased several Shar instruments for my 4 children and have been quite happy with the sound quality. The Prelude is definitely a step up from the Amadeus. We own a 1/4 size Prelude and are very happy with the sound. We recently purchased a 1/2 size Prelude, and weren't as happy with that sound. There may be some variability between individual instruments.