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Hill Violin Preparation Cleaner and Polish - 1 ounce bottles

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Mild cleaner and polish combination. 1 oz.

Most importantly, start with one small section at a time, not a large section for the entire back, for example. More than a few players, even seasoned professionals, create quite a mess by trying to clean too large an area at a time. Whenever using a new brand of cleaner or polish for the first time, be sure to test it on a small, inconspicuous spot. Place approximately 10-15 drops of polish on a clean, folded cotton or microfiber cloth or clean soft folded paper towel. Using moderate pressure, rub polish onto varnish in a circular motion in 1" or larger circles. Wipe off polish before it has dried with another clean soft cloth or soft paper towel. Use light to moderate pressure either in a circular motion or in the direction of the grain.


Hill Violin Preparation Cleaner Polish 1 oz.

Ratings & Reviews

1/6/2022 3:24:00 pm

Makes older instruments shine like new

"After seeing my daughter's violin teacher transform her well-used violin into a new-looking instrument, we purchased our own bottle of Hill's Polish and have used it on our violin, cello and mandolin. It is a cleaner and a polish and really makes the finish shine. Use sparingly and in a well-ventilated room."

Merel Jacobs
1/5/2022 7:50:00 am

Very Good!!!

This was one of the best wood cleaners I have ever used. This polish really keeps your instrument clean. I recommend you clean a small portion of the wood at a time. Overall, this is a very nice cleaner that I highly recommend.

4/21/2019 8:28:00 am

Hill Cleaner

First, I have seen this product advertised as cleaner, polish and as cleaner/polish. Interestingly the bottle says varnish cleaner. In use it appears to clean and polish as a fact. The product according to the bottle and its odor contains turpentine. Therefore it could be harmful to certain finish types. I personally would not use it on any instrument over $1,000 because if I could afford that expensive of an instrument Id take it to an expert for cleaning. I used it on my new $300 Gliga violin and it cleaned off some gunk (I do not know what it was but it looked like a dull dried polish film) and it left a shiny polished shine. A good buffing with a soft cloth left the violin with a nice shine and a rich deep color. I am very pleased with the result. Some folks complain about the turpentine odor. I can see fingerprints after touching it however. Be sure to gently buff it very dry with a very soft cloth. Read and follow the directions.

12/6/2016 11:28:00 am

Good stuff

I have a 19th century violin and been using this product for years. Use a soft cloth for applying, work one section at a time, buff with another clean soft cloth.

1/14/2009 5:55:00 am

Where is the polish part of this product?

This cleans but I don't see any polishing action. The bottle says varnish cleaner- which it does. It never mentions polishing. I see no shine after application. Should be sold as a cleaner. My professional instrument looks clean but dull and I used a new microfiber cloth for application and buffing.