Hill Peg Compound

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W.E. Hill Peg Compound – made in England since 1880. This is the original, accept no substitutes. Simply the best-known compound to prevent your pegs from sticking; to be applied while tuning your instrument. W.E. Hill & Sons have been luthiers since the 17th century; they know pegs and instrument tuning, and this compound gets the job done.

A Blend of:
Graphite Powder
Petroleum Jelly
China Clay
Red Iron Oxide


Hill Peg Compound

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1/5/2022 7:56:00 am


Great basic tuning fork.

1/5/2022 7:51:00 am

Hill -- the only one.

"The Hill compound works perfectly and lasts for years on properly fitted pegs. A bit expensive, but one tube will suffice for the rest of your life unless you use it up fixing all of your student's pegs. A warning: use other "off-brand" peg compounds at your own risk. They will often leave you worse off than when you started. Hill is the professional luthier's choice."

2/9/2016 3:16:00 pm

Tuning a violin

I had been using just one other kind of peg dope for too long, and consequently ordered and received a dependable Hill product that has worked very well. I also purchased some rubbing alcohol at a local drugstore to remove excess rosin from my strings on a regular basis. The combination has made it much easier to hear the perfect fifths needed to carefully tune and play a beautiful violin with pleasure. Both accessories have been very useful.