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Lenzner Goldbrokat Violin E String

Item # : 600EB44T


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Lenzner Goldbrokat Violin E String

The original Goldbrokat violin E strings is the world’s most popular E string with violinists at every level, including some of the most famous violinists of all time. The reason: it is powerful, brilliant and warm, all the way to the end of the fingerboard. It blends unusually well with all string brands. And it remains a favorite of artists who play on gut strings, but prefer a steel E string. Now owned by the respected German string firm of Optima, Goldbrokat E strings remain as they have always been – superb strings at a very fair price.

Instrument: Violin
String Type: E
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Thin, Medium, or Thick

E String: Aluminum wound over a steel core, Loop or Ball End

String Tonal Profile:


Lenzner Goldbrokat Violin E String

Ratings & Reviews

10/30/2022 5:39 pm

great for the price

Great e string for $2. However, I wasn't expecting "medium" to be 24 gauge.

10/19/2022 8:51 pm

Great string for the price

These strings make a bright and focused tone. They are great strings for the price.

9/22/2018 11:55:00 am

Fantastic E String!

We have tried many other E strings, and this one brings a clear, brilliant tone that lasts longer and projects better than the others. Recommended to us by the local luthier shop as the E string of choice for many of the professional players in town. Can't beat the price!

5/21/2015 6:15:00 pm

great e string, but..

Great e string. Very stable and sounds consistent. However, the winding unravels easily. Also, the leather bridge guard can be cut through by the string.

6/21/2014 11:35:00 am

Best E string!

These strings were recommended to us by a man at a violin shop. We got one for the violin I was then playing. A little later I got my other violin from the repair shop. I had some problems with buzzing and a tinny sound. We ordered some Goldbrokat's. Today I put one on my violin, all the problem sounds went away and my violin sounds a LOT fuller. This is a VERY GOOD string, I would recommend it to anybody. Thanks, Shar Music, for providing this so inexpensively.

7/23/2010 2:30:00 am

Excellent sound, excellent playability

The Goldbrokat works great with my plain-gut D and A and Wound G. It has a brilliant, textured sound with a strong core and presence. Not thin or whiny at all. For the playability, the string is fool-proof. Even with the medium gauge, the string is extremely stable under the bow. Every e-string Ive tried before would crack (die out and not produce sound during the bow stroke) in sound during a rough bow-change during the frog, if I play heavily into the string, or if I attack the string. The Goldbrokat is utterly resistant to cracking in sound unless I am purposely trying to get it to do so, which is actually quite difficult.