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Goldbrokat Premium 24 Carat Gold Violin E String

Item # : 607EB44M
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Optima Goldbrokat Premium 24 Carat Gold Violin E String

New Optima Goldbrokat Premium E strings offer legendary Goldbrokat performance and value, with enhanced features, allowing violinists to customize their experience. The Goldbrokat Premium 24 Carat Gold E string utilizes Goldbrokat’s special new steel alloy, with an extremely uniform and smooth surface, and enhanced durability; then, the string is plated with 24 carat gold, employing Optima’s decades of experience with the production of gold strings. Brilliant and powerful, like the original, but with an unusually warm and mellow tone.

Instrument: Violin
String Type: E
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Medium

E String:
Gold plated over a steel core, Loop or Ball End

String Tonal Profile:


Goldbrokat Premium 24 Carat Gold Violin E String

Ratings & Reviews

11/7/2022 3:02 pm

goldbrokat gold plated e string

great string for the price, i got it when it was 20% off the string produces a warm and mellow sound

10/30/2022 5:43 pm

gold e string

great e string, very resonant and warm sounding, good price

1/21/2014 12:46:00 am


Only installed for one day, so cannot say I (yet) decipher a significant difference in tone from the previous Pirastro Wondertone E-string, but believe it does not 'cut' into one's finger as much as a non-coated steel strings so liking it very much. It might have a slightly mellower tone; I've never had an e-string I didn't like.. and... yes, it is attractive. Others more advanced on the violin than I may decipher more of a 'sound' difference (on my old 'rescued' violin). This E-string sounds well (to me) with the other Pirastro Wondertone strings. As always, Shar delivered quickly. Time will tell if it's as durable as the standard steel strings. I'll write a new review (or edit here if possible) if my review changes.

9/30/2011 9:55:00 pm


It went false less than two weeks after installation. Maybe it's a lemon, or just not compatible with my violin and Dominant A, D, and G strings. But based on my one-time experience I am giving it an one-star.