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GL Combi Contoured Violin Case

Item # : GLCSRED


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: Red

The GL Combi is the perfect blending of contemporary and traditional, with a multitude of features for the busy performer. No detail has been spared to create a distinctive and protective case that will stand out from the crowd.

Black interior with Smoke Gray exterior. 4/4 size.


GL Combi Contoured Violin Case

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1/12/2021 7:50:00 pm

Heavy and bulky

I called the service rep before I order a violin case for my child. Being light and compact was one of my main requirements. I was recommended this case. Once I receive it, I am surprised by its weight and size. It is the heaviest case I have seen here. I wish I could return it but I guess it took me too long to realize this fact.

7/31/2017 5:41:00 pm

like, not love

I wanted to love this case. I had been coveting it for a while and finally bought it, despite not being able to find reviews or much information about it anywhere. I have had a heavy wooden framed oblong case forever and wanted something lighter and more travel friendly. I considered a BAM Hightech but have always found them too expensive, too minimal and needed just a bit more storage. When my GL combi case arrived I was really surprised how big it was. I actually thought I was shipped a viola case by mistake. The shoulder rest compartment is nice but really adds to the size of the case and in the end it is not much smaller than my oblong case, in length or width. It is also much heavier than I was expecting for a non-wooden case. Fully loaded, it basically feels the same as my wooden case! That said, It is great looking, comfortable to carry and seems pretty well made, although the bow spinners feel very cheap to me. I feel that given the actual size, there could have been a bit more storage space. In the end, I like this case, but I don't love it.