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Franz Hoffmann™ Danube Violin - Instrument Only

Item # : HEV20044


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Our European-Made "Step-Up" Hoffmann for Beginning and Intermediate Players

The Hoffmann Danube violin comes from Romania in the heart of Europe, exemplifying the well-earned reputation of European workmanship. Carefully aged wood from the Carpathian forest is hand crafted, hand finished and expertly set up. The oil varnish allows the tone to blossom, yet is durable for years of service. Fitted with a Wittner tailpiece and Overture Premium strings, each Hoffmann Danube in inspected and shop adjusted in Shar's Ann Arbor workshop. Available in 4/4 - 1/4 sizes.

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This Franz Hoffmann violin does not come with any accessories, it is the violin only.


Franz Hoffmann Danube Violin

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Stephen Ryan
9/25/2017 5:54:00 pm

Love this violin!

I am a parent that is learning violin because I always wanted to and my daughter plays. I started with an MV200 off Amazon and would get frustrated because I felt like the violin never gave me a great sound. After buying and trying this violin, I can easily distinguish it from my MV200 and it is easier to play (I think because of the larger bridge, maybe other reasons). I love how it sounds!

7/26/2017 10:39:00 pm

Sings sweetly!

It sounded muffled and mediocre with the Overture strings (originally strung by Shar Music). However, after I put on the new Corelli Cantiga strings, this violin truly sings...! Its sweetness reaches deep into the soul...! Now, I truly love it, and won't trade it for even a more expensive violin! Listen to this tune, and you will agree. Mother's Heart: https://youtu.be/DOP3ux_9VYs

12/6/2013 7:05:00 am

One word: Amazing

In person, its color is a pretty shade of orange-reddish oil varnish. Amazingly resonant, but clean and focused sound. I bought a 3/4 for my kid, but it sounds like a 4/4 violin! Set up done right; easy to play. The violin stays in tune. Overture Premium strings get in tune quickly. On the violin we got, these strings sound balanced between warm and bright, with decent overtone.

10/7/2012 2:49:00 am

Good price for a real instrument

My daughter was playing for one year with a Chinese "low budget" 1/4 "adjusted" violin ... a little more than a VSO, but as she is a very good student and she was advancing very well, I decided to reward her with a better 1/2 instrument. After checking many options, I finished with the Danube Violin, so I asked for one ... oh, what a difference. I am not just an interested father; although I make my life with computers, I have format studies on String Bass and I was a player in the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica many years ago. Then, I know when there is a good instrument in my hands, and for the price I consider this a very good option. This is a very good price for a "real" small instrument.