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Everest EZ Viola Shoulder Rest

Item # : 1338V


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The Best Selling Everest EZ, Especially Designed for Violists

The unique computer-modeled design of the EVEREST shoulder rest raises the viola to an ergonomically correct and comfortable playing angle. The one piece body integrated with adjustable leg height means that there are NO angle bracets or swivel mechanisms to break, and NO thumb knobs to misplace. Made of a strong, high grade ABS material which provides both strength and flexibility, this rest maximizes comfort without sacrificing style and elegance. Fits full size violas.


Everest EZ Viola Shoulder Rest

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1/5/2022 3:49:00 pm

Best shoulder rest for the money

"I haven't tried literally every shoulder rest, but I've tried a lot of them, and the Everest—both violin and viola, I've used them both, are really the best, and they're lower priced than many others. Very comfortable and doesn't fall off the instrument like so many others. Highly recommended."

1/4/2022 3:29:00 pm

Great shoulder rest

I bought my Everest viola shoulder rest right from Everest as I wanted to try one before Shar was carrying them. I was very uncomfortable with the shoulder rest I was using and had tried others by borrowing from friends. Since I found Everest I am simply very comfortable and very happy. I don't have a lot of experience as a violist (my first instrument is oboe!), but for me, this was the shoulder rest that gave me comfort and security.

1/17/2015 1:08:00 am


I tried the Everest EZ in my search for the "perfect" shoulder rest. It is sturdy, free from exposed metal, has a good curve, and seats with stability across my 17" viola's wide bout. It's functional, but isn't as adjustable as some of the others. This might work just fine for players with shorter necks and/or smaller violas, but for me, it just wasn't "The One."