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Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola String Set

Item # : G834S


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Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola Strings

New from Pirastro, the Viola Evah Pirazzi GOLD set. This set is an important addition to Pirastro’s family of synthetic material viola strings. They feature a brilliant and golden tone, full-bodied and big sound, and instant response.

These strings are for professionals, providing an elegant, golden tone yet they can withstand a powerful bow arm without “choking” the instrument. The freedom of the sound development is astonishing. The playability was further improved and is now even a little easier than with Evah Pirazzi and Obligato.

The new innovative steel core A-string is the warmest in Pirastro’s product range and blends well with all other D-, G- and C-strings, especially with Evah Pirazzi, Obligato and Passione. A great match to every set and with its warm and powerful sound the transition to the D-string is smooth and unique!

Instrument: Viola
String Type: Set
Size: 15 to 16 1/2 inches
Gauge: Medium

A String:
Chrome wound over a steel core, Removeable Ball
D String:
Silver wound over a synthetic core
G String:
Silver wound over a synthetic core
C String:
Tungsten-silver wound over a synthetic core

String Tonal Profile:


Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola String Set

Ratings & Reviews

4/8/2020 5:55:00 pm


Trying for the first time.

2/3/2019 5:55:00 pm

Great improvement!

I have been trying to find just the right strings for my 16" William Whedbee viola. These Evah Pirazzi Gold C,G, and D with a Larsen A seem to be just the ticket. Very good response, lovely tone, lots of colors, very even across the instrument. Stable in about 3 or 4 days, pretty well settled in tonally on about a week or so. They seem to be an ideal balance between Obligato and Regular Evah Pirazzi viola strings. I will certainly use them again. They work well with the Oliv/Evah rosin. I notice the silk winding at the tail piece end matches the Larsen A pretty closely hmmmm.....

6/11/2018 3:32:00 am

A good alternative to gut

I'm taking a break from gut strings (I got tired of re-tuning) as I'm taking orchestra auditions at the moment and not playing many solo or chamber performances, and I figure that committees are more interested in precision than heart-melting tone. However, I was nervous to try these strings as I've used both Obligatos and regular Evahs in the past, and hadn't been able to get past the metallic sound and different feel. Besides the warmth of tone that gut delivers, I love the feeling of sinking into the string. The reviews I could find suggested that Evah Gold's have a very similar feel to gut strings, and they are by far the closest match I have found. Nice, soft feel under the fingers, and room for a wispy bow stroke, a meaty sustain, or many things in between. Good sound, too. I'll be sticking with them for the time being, but when I'm rich and famous (or that #$*@&^* in the back of the section who tunes between Every Single Movement) I'll go back to gut.

5/9/2017 12:12:00 pm

Warm C, Even Top To Bottom

I have been playing viola for about 2 years. My viola came with a Larsen A, Evah Pirazzi D & G, and a Spirocore Tungsten C. I changed strings about 6 weeks ago to a full set of Evah Golds. When my teacher played it they sounded very warm and even from string to string. Now that I've been playing on them, the C is definitely warmer and more responsive than the Spirocore which I thought was a little clunky sounding. The G especially gives me a beautiful warm sound as well as the D. The A compares well with the Larsen but I would still like an even warmer sound there. But maybe that's just my playing. As I progress my tone there may get better. These strings took a few days to stretch out and settle in but still settle a lot faster than classical guitar strings do. Overall, I am very satisfied with them.

5/8/2017 8:06:00 pm


I was a faithful Obligato user, however I thought I would try these since I heard Golds had a very mellow sound too but were very responsive and had a lot of power. WOW! I can't go back! I'm hooked. The break in time was incredibly short and they have so much power but are still so mellow and very easy to play!

1/11/2017 11:50:00 am

Don't Be Fooled

If you must know one thing when buying strings, it's this: Don't be fooled by the supposed "high quality string" sayings being thrown around to brands such as evah pirazzi, obligato, and larsen. After doing some research beforehand, I decided to buy a larsen A, and evah pirazzi gold D, G, and C strings for my viola. The result so far has been catastrophic. I love my larsen string. It's bright, it gives me an immediate response, and the tone sings among the orchestra. Unfortunately, all of my other strings are terrible. I would never reccommend and evah pirazzi gold string to anyone. When playing quietly, I cannot get a response out of the strings. They WILL NOT VIBRATE no matter what I try (and I have been playing for some time now, and am no amateur). They dull the sound of my instrument and make my playing sound worse than it is. I'm extremely disappointed with these so called "high end" strings. So, I suggest trying out more strings on your instrument like I am going to do. I've heard that gut core strings are the way to go for more advanced students, so maybe I'll try some Passione or Eudoxa for my D, G, and C strings

Steve Rankin
11/29/2016 11:06:00 am

best of both worlds

I'm set on the Gold. All the power of the Evahs, all the richness of the Passiones, none of the drawbacks. Very pleased. (From an e-mail from my son when I asked what strings to order for him.)

6/12/2014 10:15:00 pm

Resonant and responsive strings

These strings have a much richer sound than the Dominant Strings. My instrument is louder and produces more colors of sound with these strings. The only drawback so far is the A string is prone to whistling similar to many violin E strings. But it does have a nice sound if you can work around the issue by careful bow arm use. Very good for solo and orchestral work.

11/22/2013 10:32:00 pm

Misery, break-in period, happiness

I switched from the regular Evah Pirazzi (green) to the gold. The first day was miserable. I couldn't get any volume because the strings cracked their sound beyond mezzo-forte. I'm glad I waited because unlike the green Pirazzi which were almost immediately usable, the gold Pirazzi took 4 days to break in and stabilize in terms of holding a tuning and usable volume. It's been a week now and the strings are very close to the green Pirazzi in volume, but the tone is warmer and more focused. For the extra money, it's worth a try.

3/18/2012 3:35:00 pm

You Get What You Pay For

These are expensive, but sound gorgeous and respond well on my Jim Robinson 2006 viola.

6/4/2011 3:03:00 am

Fits a larger viola perfectly

I just installed these strings and after half an hour, they have settled in nicely. Also, I have a 17î viola and I was concerned about fit. No need to worry. There was plenty of string to wind at least 5-6 times around the peg. They fit beautifully.

6/23/2010 4:41:00 am

Great A String as Well!

I have been using these strings on my violas for a couple of years now with my usual A string by another maker. I decided to try the Eva Pirazzi Gold A string that comes with this set. I like it very much. It is a steel core A string like I am used to, but it has a rounder less harsh tone. For me it's a real improvement. By the way shipping on my order was amazingly fast! I suspect relativistic travel!

2/7/2010 3:47:00 am

Buy only if your concert is next week

These strings are really focused and loud for only three weeks, obviously, depending on the amount of performance of the player. My viola loves them but they donít last a whole month in good shape. Not buying them again.

9/21/2009 1:40:00 pm

Go for the Gold

I tried this set of strings with a 16 1/2" Sean Peak viola and a Morgan Andersen bow. My old strings were Evah Pirazzi with a Jarger A. The Evah Pirazzi Gold strings were really metallic at first but settled in nicely after a few days. The strings had very little stretch after just a few hours. The A string sounds really sweet and not metallic at all. I don't miss a Jargar A as the Gold produce a lovely A string. The Gold Evahs are so much nicer than the last set of Evah Pirazzi green ones I used before on my viola. The green label is not bad at all, just not very warm on this viola. The Gold strings give me instant response, nice! Speedy sections are easy and quick. I really like the feel and can say I like these strings. The viola is an interesting instrument, each viola is gonna like a different string setup. It's fun trying new strings. I fully recommend these strings.

1/16/2009 6:12:00 am

Wonderful strings. No need to mix sets!

I installed these strings on a 2007 Sean Peak viola with a Morgan Andersen bow. I replaced an older green label Evah Pirazzi set with a Jargar A. I didn't like the regular Evah Pirazzi line. They did have very good power and quick response but it didn't have a very refined tone on my viola. The Gold Evahs are very metallic at first but settled down to a relaxed and appealing tone after a couple of days. I love the A string now!! I don't feel the need to replace the A with one from Jargar. The strings respond like the Green Evahs with excellent response and power but with a more golden or creamy relaxed tone. I'm very happy with them.