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Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Violin String Set - 4/4 Size - Medium Gauge - Gold Loop End E

Item # : 734SL44M


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The Soloist Choice

This intense and powerful string has a synthetic fiber core and produces a complex sound, rich with overtones. An expressive string with great nuances and an enormous dynamic range gives exceptional playability and outstanding response. Resistant to changes in temperature and humidity.

Instrument: Violin
String Type: Set
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Medium

E String: Goldsteel, Loop End
A String: Aluminum wound on a synthetic core
D String: Silver wound on a synthetic core
G String: Silver wound on a synthetic core

String Tonal Profile:


Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Violin String Set - 4/4 Size - Medium Gauge - Gold Loop End E

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2/15/2019 5:12:00 am

Great strings

If you have a hill style tail piece with e having a fine tuner you can use a ball with these strings since the ball has a hole in the middle. It would but less stress on the the loop and therefore there would be less breakage in the loop . With that being said, I took a ball from another string and put in the loop .I will not buy loop in this band again Love the strings, the e is awesome and much nicer to the ears

10/4/2015 5:49:00 pm

Bad Batch?

I bought this string set for my daughter from Shar (cost 20% less than at the nearest shop), and had the strings replaced by the luthier since we had to pickup her re-haired bow anyways. About a week into practicing, my daughter discovered all four strings were unravelling at the bridge. I immediately took photo, and notified Shar. After few days, they shipped replacement set with email notifying me to lubricate the grooves on the bridge, which is a common knowledge. Once the replacement string set arrived, my daughter replaced them (of course, lubed the bridge and the nut grooves). After a week of practice, she discovered E string unravelling at the bridge again, and buzzing noise from A string. We couldn't find the source of the noise. With All-State competition around the corner, we panicked our way to the luthier (3 hours round trip). After an hour, the luthier pointed out that A string, although looks fine, was the source of the buzzing sound. The shop had Eva Pirazzi in stock, he replaced them, and the buzzing sound went away. Luckily, we still had a week for the strings to settle in, and proud to say she made to the All-State. Evah Pirazzi strings became my daughter's favorite few years ago, and the only strings she had used since then. She has never had an issue with Evah Pirazzi strings, until these two sets. It's unusual to have two sets of defective strings back to back. Perhaps, Shar got a bad batch of them, no fault of Shar.

6/15/2011 5:09:00 pm

My go-to string

These strings are fantastic. They have proven time and time again to be high quality and dependable in a variety of settings. This set is my go-to. Lots of presence and clarity. Perfect for performing a variety of styles with a big sounds. Love them!