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Musafia Enigma Leggero Violin Case

Item # : ME5011LXBLK


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: Black

Musafia Enigma Leggero

Now in its second design series, the Enigma Leggero is the same as the Musafia Enigma, except with fewer features, decreasing the price and weight. Boldly asymmetric in form, with rounded-form left side, and right angle left side. The interior of the Enigma Leggero continues on the theme, with centered violin positioning, a gracefully curved partition to accommodate violin scroll and pegs, and angled compartment doors for more storage space. Bolted-through steel L-reinforcements is an advanced safety feature for your valuable violin. Choice of Black Fantasia, Blue Fantasia, Green Fantasia, or Gray Fantasia interior fabric, with military-grade, Teflon treated Cordura black fabric cover with subway handle. Weight: 6.8 lbs.


Musafia Enigma Leggero Violin Case

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12/12/2013 7:21:00 am

Don't waste money

This is a perfect example of how looks and marketing f can be very deceptive. I paid $1500 USD for this piece of crappy junk. Musafia Salvatore Accardo model violin case. Bought at Raffael Carraba Violins in Seattle, WA. This case was bought new and I never even took this case anywhere and the lock broke, one of the temperature thermometer fell out, hinge is cracked X the outer edge of the smell is falling apart. I have contacted Musafia many times and no response. Customer service is nonexistent. I have converted over to BAM hightech l'etoile. I refuse to spend more of my hard earned money to get this item repaired and sent back to Musafia. If they were an ethical company with a "real life time warranty", th need to replace this case at their expense. At least 9 violin shops that I trust told me never to buy a Musafia case and now I can see the reason why.