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E-Loop Protectors - for Violin E, Viola A strings

Item # : 1240


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Loop-end strings, while thought to offer the best response and sound, are notorious for breaking at the loop. This is usually due to the metal-on-metal contact between the string loop and the fine tuner. E-loop (Viola A-loop) protectors are a naturally lubricated plastic cover for your single-prong fine tuner, which prevents breakage, but doesn't reduce sound quality. 8 E-loop protectors are included with each purchase.


E-Loop Protectors

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10/19/2016 11:19:00 am

Not what I ordered

The e-string protector that I received (item 1240) looks nothing like the item pictured on the Shar web site and it comes with no directions. Of course, if it looked anything like the pictured item I thought I was buying, directions might not be necessary. But it doesn't look anything like the picture. And in trying to get it to fit the string holder, one of the little tabs on it broke off. This is a blatant screw-up that I would not have expected from Shar.