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Dampit Cello Humidifier

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Due to vendor supply issues, this item will be unavailable for several months.

Protect your instrument from dry conditions with this easy-to-use humidifier. Simply soak in water and insert into your instrument. Note: this item will not fit into all fractional cello f-holes. The tube diameter is 11.5 mm at its thickest. Included humidity indicator card helps monitor the humidity inside your case.

Why use a humidifier?

The winter months ahead will bring with them colder and drier air which can be dangerous for instruments and bows. Wood absorbs and releases moisture as humidity levels change in the surrounding air. Instruments are, of course, made of wood. Dry air causes wood to release moisture which causes it to shrink and/or shift ever so slightly which for your instrument can lead to cracks and expensive repair bills. Of course most instruments will not crack, but as your instrument dries out, its tone will change, and seldom does it change for the better! Bow horsehair shrinks in dry air which can impair sound quality, or cause the bow to warp, or could even result in a disastrous bow tip break. A good phrase that comes to mind is: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Purchasing a relatively inexpensive humidifier will protect your investment and you to sound your best.


Dampit Cello Humidifier

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Kerry Fico
1/4/2022 11:16:00 am


This helps keep your instrument from drying out and is easy to get in and out of your instrument. It helped keep mine from drying out and falling apart. And all you have to do is wet it and stick it in! It works great!

1/16/2019 7:27:00 am

some problems...

I would not recommend this product. First of all, the rubber cap on the end is small enough, that the humidifier can fall into your cello. Eventually, even if you are careful and slide it farther away from the wide part of the hole, it will manage to find its way back in, and you'll find yourself frustrated and having to pick up your cello and turn it upside down and fish it out with tweezers on a regular basis, and it will drive you crazy. And also, when you take it out to refill it, it can actually rub on the varnish where you put it in,and leave marks on the instrument, especially if your instrument is a darker color. This product is probably not the best choice. I would a humidifier that has a large enough cap so you can avoid this problem.