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Cushy Glider® Bass Bag with Wheels

Item # : HBBW45034


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Cushy Glider® Bass Bag with Wheels

The Cushy Glider® Bass Bag with Wheels features 25mm thick foam padding, an external bow pocket (ideal for a bow case), 7 carrying handles, one large sheet music pocket and accessory pocket, two heavily padded backpack straps and wheels. This bag also has strategically placed rubber bumpers wherever the bag may be subject to extra wear and tear (along the bottom, top, sides and bridge area of the bag) and for added protection.


Cushy Glider® Bass Bag with Wheels

Ratings & Reviews

Terry Martin
1/7/2022 6:29:00 am

heritage bass bag w/wheels

i bought this bag for my wife to carry her kay around in 7 years ago,, and it is still working like a champ.. the bag is holding up well,, and the wheels are a life saver for her esp on some of the shows and festivals they do. worth every dime of 200 bucks.

6/13/2017 10:02:00 am


The concept is great. However, the execution falls short of being practical. The case adds too much extra weight to the instrument, making negotiating steps or loading it into a car even more difficult than it already it. The case is awkward and difficult to put on and take off. I finally managed to get the case zipped and took it for a test spin down the hallway of my apartment building. Getting wheels to ground puts the bass at an awkward angle, giving me less control. Don't waste your money.

8/25/2014 6:07:00 pm

Heritage Bass Bag

I find the bag to be excellent. As far as rubber pieces on the wrong side, I have never heard of a special side to put a bass down. In fact, I consider the rubber guards superfluous. I have never seen a bag wear out at those points.

7/4/2013 12:56:00 am


The bag is constructed well with good padding, zipper and rub strips. There are several pockets and handles. Wheels work as do backpack type straps. The problem is the bag is set up backward. The rub strips are on the E-string side and a handle is on the G-string side. I was taught to lay the bass G-string (sound post) side down.