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Cushy® Deluxe Carry-All Oblong Backpack Case Cover for Viola

Item # : 1520V


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Ultimate protection for the musician on the move. The Cushy® Deluxe Oblong Carry-All Backpack for Viola has been completely redesigned, with new features, clever storage, and significantly upgraded materials.

Each model comes with strong, soft, and ergonomic backpack straps. Adjustable from 18 to 36 inches, these straps can be concealed from view when not in use. Made from strong Duracover® water-repellant nylon with ½” of padding, the Cushy ensures that whatever case it covers is protected from shock, temperature, and rain.

Heavy gauge metal D-rings are double-reinforced. If you wish to carry your Cushy across your shoulder, a comfortable shoulder strap is included. Huge storage capacity, with a full-sized zippered pocket for music folders, smaller pocket for flat accessories and equipment. Reflective piping helps drivers see you at night. Tough skid pads on two sides.

Fits over all oblong viola cases, including BAM, American Case Co., Embassy Cases, and more.



Cushy® Deluxe Carry-All™ Oblong Backpack Case Cover for Viola

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6/23/2018 2:49:00 pm

CushyÆ Deluxe Carry-Allô Oblong Backpack Case Cover for Viola

This case cover is marvellous! The pocket is even big enough for my Comford shoulder cradle. The other storage areas for music, etc. are roomy and, unless you're carrying a complete orchestral score for one of Wagner's operas, you won't want for storage. While I don't think I would take my ancient fiddle out in the rain no matter the case cover, if I had to, I wouldn't worry, at least not too much. I have a NEVA case by Artonus (Poland). I measured and measured case cover after case cover and only the Cushy fits. But with its padding, I think the fiddle is going to be extra protected for future generations fortunate enough to play upon it. SHAR! a thousand thank-yous for this wonderful product.

4/7/2018 4:22:00 pm


Construction is just fine; NO COMPLAINTS. Just be sure to measure your case exactly. This could be a tight or NO FIT situation. Avoid the $20.00 round trip ride for nothing. The measurements are 31 X 12 X 6.The Cushy Cover #1516 = 32 X 12 X 7". That small difference is ALL THE DIFFERENCE

4/3/2015 5:44:00 pm


This case is incredible. My viola was in a friend's apartment overnight since I had a concert near Washington Square Park but work in Brooklyn. There was a very serious fire in my friend's apartment. When I showed up the next morning to get my viola, NYFD brought it out to me completely soaked and covered in ashes. Upon opening it, the inside of my viola case was dry and MY VIOLA WAS STILL IN TUNE. I did later notice a small crack in the wood, but this Cushy product literally saved my viola from a fire.

12/20/2010 6:49:00 am

orchestral violist and teacher

The old Cushy I replaced this with lasted a long time and fit my case exactly. The NEW Cushy is HUGE. I have a case that fits a 17-inch viola and this cover increases the size to such an extent that I can barely carry it, even with the backpack straps. It's unfortunate since I love the extra protection for the instrument and the backpack option, but sadly I can't use this cover as much as I'd like because it is just so large, heavy and hard to maneuver. Very disappointed.