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Cushy™ Deluxe Carry-All™ Dart Shape Backpack Case Cover for Violin

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The All New CUSHY© Deluxe Dart-Shaped Carry-All™ Backpack Case Cover will fit over any dart-shaped violin case you prefer, including BAM, American Case Co., Embassy cases, and more!

Ultimate Protection for the Musician On the Go

We have redesigned our entire CUSHY case-carrier lineup! With all new features, clever storage, and significantly upgraded materials, our new CUSHYs are more comfortable and protective than ever. All models have super strong yet soft and ergonomic backpack straps that can be concealed easily behind a flap when not in use. Made from strong Duracover® water repellant nylon with ½” of padding, the Cushy assures that whatever case it covers is protected from shock, temperature, and rain. Heavy gauge metal D-rings are double reinforced, if you wish to carry your CUSHY across your shoulder; comfortable shoulder strap is included. Huge storage capacity, with full-sized zippered pocket for music folders, smaller pocket for flat accessories and equipment. Reflective piping helps drivers see you at night. Tough skid pads on two sides.

Note: this is a case cover and does not include a case. Requires any dart-shaped violin case to fit inside.


Cushy Deluxe Carry-All Dart Violin Backpack

Ratings & Reviews

12/28/2018 4:28:00 pm

Great product......esp. for tall people

I just bought this shaped Cushy case because I am having to walk to work this year. And here in Canada, the weather can be cold. The material quality is excellent. The number of zippered pockets is also very generous. It fits well over my case even though it is a thicker case. The only issue I have with it is the sizing and placement of the straps. At only 5'1", it was obviously not designed for someone my height. The top of the case hits my head at a slightly uncomfortable angle. And the bottom of the case rides too low on my body. The straps are adjustable, however where they are attached on the case is not.

6/5/2016 2:07:00 pm

Love it!

I just got this about a week ago from Shar and I have to say I'm absolutely in love! The bag is made EXTREMELY well and is quite tough and durable. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of storage. The large pocket in front of where the violin case goes has a HUGE amount of of space. I can fit a 1" binder shoved into the bottom and my collapsible music stand while still having room left over. Definitely well worth the money!

3/1/2016 4:39:00 pm

Mixed review on product vs service

I recently purchased this case cover backpack for my violin and I want to make clear I absolutely love the actual product it's great quality and works great for what it's intended to do. When it comes to the shipping this is where it begins to get a little mixed in terms of my review. When I ordered this the website clearly had it marked as in stock so I contacted them to find out exactly when my order would ship if I placed my order in the literally in the next few minutes from when I asked. I was told not just this one time in the live chat on the website but multiple times also in email phone and live chat on the website that it would definitely ship the next day ultimately it never shipped for a week and that would have been fine if I was told that but when I ended up calling finally a few days after when it should have been shipped and hadn't I was finally told that it wasn't actually in stock as the website still actually showed and still shows but was on backorder so at this time I didn't have a clue when I would get this. I also asked if I would be getting a tracking number when it actually shipped and this was important to me because I was going to be out of town and someone else was going to be receiving this for me so that it wouldn't just sit outside on my porch and possibly get stolen. I should mention that I live in Canada and I did tell them this multiple times and they said absolutely that yes I would receive a tracking number. Anyways I received my case today but did not get the tracking number at all and it did end up sitting outside literally for anyone to have possibly taken so I was not happy for this one and only reason. If you are paying for shipping and are told that you are getting a certain level of service which includes tracking and that's what you pay for then it's reasonable to expect that is what you should receive and that is not what I received. Bottom line like I said I am definitely happy with the actual product it's exactly what I wanted and I absolutely love it and it's great quality and very well made. My only complaint is with what I was told I was getting in terms of the level of service/shipping I was getting compared to what I actually got so I feel that I should receive a partial refund on shipping cost at minimum because with it comes to that I did not get what I was paying for at all.

6/14/2014 7:34:00 pm

Keeps In-Case Temperature from Fluctuating

I have to take my violin out of the house a few times a week -- 2 orchestra rehearsals and a lesson. The Cushy Case Cover I purchased from Shar is one of the all-time BEST purchases I've ever made!! So far it's worked wonders on keeping the in-case temperature from fluctuating more than the SLIGHTEST amount. My violin is staying VERY happy! :)

Martha Crum
7/2/2013 2:38:00 am


It's fine if you plan to take it to the U.S. Open. Otherwise, very over engineered, big and clumsy. My dart case swum in it. I returned it but the cost of return shipping was more than half of the product cost!!

6/21/2009 12:44:00 pm

Great for keeping things together and safe

The exterior is good grade of woven tough fabric and interior has a moderate level of padding. I'm a new student and my outfit includes an injection molded SBK case which lacked storage for my shoulder rest and backpack straps. This cover solves those issues and will be great for going to lessons and music camp this summer