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CodaBow Marquise GS Violin Bow 4/4 Size

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The Player's Bow

Inspired by centuries of tradition and designed by the leaders of advanced bowmaking, the Marquise GS is the standard-bearer of master bows. Its optimum balance, flexibility, and weight provides exquisite handling. Its breakthrough organic-fiber architecture expresses a warm, rich, powerful sound. High-sensitivity carbon fibers extending continuously from button to tip plate bestow in it a natural response and beauty. Referred to inside the workshop as the 'Gold Standard', this Marquise design appeals to discerning players more than any other and is the clear choice as the standard-bearer of the Marquise Experience.

High-pressure infused Acoustic Core contains a first-ever blend of natural (plant) fibers and Kevlar® that delivers organic timbre, rich overtones, and a full range of expression.

Breakthrough In-Touch™ Technology showcases unidirectional carbon fibers running without interruption from button to tip. Advanced bi-lateral positioning of high-sensitivity fibers connects the player precisely to the tip and transmits their energy directly to the music.

XEBONY® is a beautiful solution to the world's endangered supply of instrument-grade ebony. Comprised of organic fibers and resin, XEBONY® boasts a rich luster and natural grain that impresses players and bow makers alike.


CodaBow Marquise GS Violin Bow

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11/19/2022 11:22 am

Codabow Marquise

The Codabow Marquise produces a smooth, nuanced tone. It makes a rich, warm sound on my violin. I can play very precisely on fast passages with this bow. However, the bow didn't come in Codabow packaging and had rosin on the hair. I'm wondering if the bow was used?

1/5/2022 7:26:00 am

The Marquise GS has incredible repsonse and nuanced sound

"I am an advancing classical player. I own a $1200 German Pernambuco bow that I purchased used for a very affordable price. It served me well until I needed to start to do more of the string bow strokes. It did them well, but it took much effort. I did an in-home trial of the Diamond SX, Diamond GX, and Marquise GS bows. All of these bows were wonderful to play, had great sound, and performed off the string bow strokes easily, so it made it hard to choose. Each bow had its characteristics and was a joy to trial. What I wasn't expecting, was that the Marquise GS would take my playing to a whole new level. The bow is flexible but not too soft a player, so I can keep the stick and the hair apart on any bow stroke. Its sound is refined, warm, and clear, with a special sparkle. It allows for the most refined articulations and makes playing feel easier. Another reviewer mentioned how important it is to trial bows for a week because it takes that long with these very fine CodaBows to decide which bow and at what price will serve the player the best. Be sure to change your strings for a fresh set before trialing carbon fiber bows- I had 6-month-old strings on when I started, and the bows did not sound as well. After changing for a fresh set of strings, the bows sounded their true colors. I have two instruments, one dark and one bright, and all three bows played and sounded well on each instrument, but the Marquise GS stood out for me with its refined handling. The bow feels light, perfectly balanced, and as if it is an extension of my hand. It's hard to describe the control felt with the Marquise GS, it just does what I ask it to. I know this is a bow I will be glad I purchased, because the GS helps me execute everything I need to in the repertoire, and with great sound."

6/8/2012 8:26:00 pm

Not all the same

Both my friend and I bought the Marquise bow at the same time our orders just minutes apart when it was on sale. Hers came in a nice CodaBow colorful box. Mine came in a cheap cardboard wrap. Hers did not have rosin on it and the hair was loose. Mine came with lots of rosin on it and the hair and bow cranked really tight, tighter than I would tighten it to play. I found it to be better balance in playing but not as clear of sound as my SX bow. A couple weeks later, my friend and I got together. Her Marquise bow plays much clearer than mine. Both of ours sound the same, but mine has a sound like a tape recorder hiss where hers was clear. We compared it with a $2500 wood bow. Hers was as clear as the wood bow and perhaps slightly better than the wood bow where my Marquise still had a hissy scratchy sound to it. Hers sounds so good that I am hoping Shar can replace mine with one that sounds like hers. I even tried the cheaper rosin she uses on my Marquise and it did not change anything that I could tell. I compared the Marquise to both an SX and GX bows by CodaBow. Her Marquise is the winner, my Marquise does not measure up to either the SX or GX. So beware of what you get and compare it with other nice bows before your return window is closed.

6/23/2011 8:10:00 am

Very nice!

I have both the Diamond GX and a newly acquired Marquse GS. I will keep both as they each have their place. The Marquise is great with classical pieces. As with any bow try many marquise bows before purchase, to find the right one for both you and the violin.