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Cello Floor Endpin Stop

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In this redesigned endpin stop, a flexible strap connects two hardwood pieces, one held by your chair leg. While earlier models relied on staples to keep the hardwood pieces firmly secured to the strap, this model uses heavy-duty stitching.


Cello Floor Endpin Stop

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1/4/2022 9:52:00 am

Easy to use adjustable end pin strap!

As a cellist, I can say with confidence that this type of endpin stop is the best. It has many options that lengthen or shorten the strap quickly and easily depending on the type of chair used. The Xeros type while effective requires 2 hands to pull the strap to adjust - usually several times -before you get it right. This is very awkward with a cello in your hands as you are setting up on a stage or gym floor.

9/28/2019 5:52:00 am

High School Orchestra Director

Bought 10 and they all broke within one year. The wood part is too thin and easily breaks off.

5/9/2013 10:38:00 am

not very sturdy

This works well, for awhile. However, the staples tend to tear out, and if you accidentally put your chair down on the wood, it will crack and become useless. I like to use wood, because I want to keep my endpin sharp, but I have gone through a lot of these. Shar should offer the Artino Round Sound Anchor, which has a similar design but is made with better material, and also offers a different design with a base meant to be a sounding box--haven't tried it yet, but I've ordered it from elsewhere. The basic rosewood model I've used and like very much. I can't recommend the "Cello Floor Endpin Stop," offered here.