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BAM Hoodies - Cello Case Cover

Item# CBM16


Beautiful quilted fabric hoodies zip right onto your BAM Hightech 2.9 Slim and Classic model cello cases for added protection... and fun! Slits for the handle and d-rings make it easy to still use the shoulder or backpack straps.

Note: These Bam Hoodies are only made to fit over the Hightech 2.9 Slim and Classic models models. They will not fit on the La Defense, L'etoile, or Texas models.

Mobile Cello Case

Item# 2140W


Beautiful rich colors, a striking profile and clean lines at an unbeatable price! Features include fiberglass shell, dual side handles, a unique swivel pull handle which attaches to either the front or back of the case, seven high-quality latches, integrated in-line skate wheel system, stylish velvet interior with suspension, accessory pocket and two bow holders. Choice of deep black shell with red interior, or silver gray shell with dark blue interior. Weighs 14 lbs. 

Note; No longer includes cushion for cello neck.

Heritage® Mobile Lightweight Cello Case

Item# 2110

Shar: $149.00Sale: $119.00

Heritage Mobile Lightweight Cello Case with Wheels

When a fiberglass cello case is too much but a bag just won't do, our new Heritage Mobile Lightweight Cello Case is just right! Sturdy foam construction is light, protective and insulates well. We made sure that all the right features are there: extra large sheet music pocket, backpack straps (not pictured), smoothly-rolling wheels and handles where you need them. Available in 4/4, 3/4 and 1/2 sizes. Weighs 8.25 lbs., fractionals 6.75 lbs.

Heritage Cello Case w/ Wheels

Item# 2180W


The latest design from Heritage combines strong fiberglass protection with a contoured design that adds both strength and beauty. Best of all, the large, smoothly-rolling wheels are spaced at the extreme ends of the case bottom, preventing tipping when going around turns. Soft interior in black velvet adds protection at every contact point. Generous suspension cushioning, with adjustable pads, to create a custom fit for your cello. Two bow holders, with magnetic clasps, won't wear out. Neck strap and scroll strap do not rely on Velcro, so they won't wear out and are easily adjustable. Interior string set pocket, in large size that will hold most sets. Sprung hasp-style latches are reliable and intuitive to use. Large cushioned main carrying handle, extra side handle, and flip-up pull handle. Soft and strong backpacking straps included. D-rings are located so they will work with most aftermarket backpack carrying cushions, such as the SHAR Backpack System. Fits a wide variety of cello patterns, including broad Stradivari. 4/4 size. Choice of black or gray high gloss finish. 12 lbs.

Bam Newtech Mobile Cello Case - WITH Wheels

Item# CBM6


The BAM Newtech cello case is compact, lightweight and mobile with an ABS exterior, triple ply composite shell, interior suspension system and wheels. Available in Metallic Mint Green, Carbon Black, Paprika or Royal Blue exteriors with black interior. 12.1 lbs.

BAM Classic Cello Case w/ Wheels Black

Item# CBM7W


BAM quality and protection at an affordable price!

An anti-shock textured ABS shell along with anti-slip rubber patches on the bottom outer shell provide outer protection while the black injected foam interior suspends your instrument. Features elastic band to secure the end-pin during travel, scroll and neck straps, 2 side handles and 2 removable neoprene anti-slip backpack straps with security screw hooks. Also includes 8 soft-touch latches with key, 2 bow holders and sheet music pocket which attaches inside the case. Built-in wheels and pulling handle. Weighs 12.6 lbs. For 4/4 cello.

Cushy® Hard Body Cello Case

Item# CC


Is your cello case weighing you down? Have you thought about switching to a bag, but worried about protection? Our Cushy Hard Body cello case may well be the perfect solution. Made from an innovative resin-reinforced foam that is rigid but soft, strong but light, this case offers protection from the most common mishaps, such as falling over and sharp blows. Working with a well-known virtuoso cellist and teacher, we designed-in a number of useful features: Smoothly gliding wheels, fully enclosed case bottom (endpin stays in the case), large, strong and soft carry handle, extra handles for easy maneuverability, soft and effective backstraps with secure carabiner latches, neck restraint buckle and large interior accessory compartment. Giant YKK zippers assure that your Cushy Hard Body gives you years of reliable service. 4/4 and 3/4 sizes. 11 lbs.

Bam NewTech Cello Case - WITHOUT Wheels

Item# CBM6N


The BAM Newtech cello case is compact, lightweight and mobile with an ABS exterior, triple ply composite shell and interior suspension system. Available in Metallic Mint Green, Black, Paprika or Royal Blue exteriors with black interior. 11.5 lbs.

Heritage® Cello Bag 5 mm Foam

Item# HCB320

Shar: $45.99Sale: $44.99

Quality padded nylon oxford pack-cloth exterior that includes three accessory pockets and one bow holder. 5mm padding. 4/4 - 1/10 sizes.

Heritage® Padded Cordura Cello Bag

Item# HCB330


Quality padded nylon oxford pack-cloth exterior that includes three accessory pockets and one bow holder. 10mm padding. 4/4 - 1/2 sizes.

Cushy® Cello Glider with Wheels

Item# HCBW350

Shar: $149.00Sale: $139.00

The new Cushy Cello Glider features 25mm thick foam padding, an external bow pocket (ideal for a bow case), 7 carrying handles, one large sheet music pocket and accessory pocket, two heavily padded backpack straps and wheels. This bag also has strategically placed rubber bumpers wherever the bag may be subject to extra wear and tear (along the bottom, top, sides and bridge area of the bag) and for added protection.

SL Super Light Carbon Hybrid Cello Case

Item# SL1000


Super Light and Super Sleek

The SL Super Light Carbon Composite is undeniably beautiful, and available in a choice of six colors in a carbon weave finish. Strong and protective carbon hybrid shell cradles you cello. Clips at the scroll and neck strap and zippered bow frog flaps assure a long life. Black cloth interior, with built-in music folio and accessory pocket for a set of strings or rosin. Lightweight 9.2 lbs construction eliminates the need for wheels.

For all patterns of 4/4 cellos except Montagnana. Separate model for Montagnana cellos available here.

Choice of exterior shell colors: Black, Blue, Deep Purple, Burgundy, Silver Gray, or White.

29 Items

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