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Carlo Lamberti Classic Violin

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The Lamberti Classic: Still the Champion

Developed by Charles AvSharian, Shar CEO, our original Carlo Lamberti violin has remained a popular choice among advancing players and their teachers, for the simple reason that it has consistently outperformed other violins in its price range. Remaining the champion, though, doesn’t just happen; it is the result of constant improvements to outperform the dizzying number of violins in this price range.

Improving the already great Lamberti Classic was a project two years in the making, involving Shar’s luthiers, teachers, top-rank orchestral violinists and one of the world’s best instrument making workshops. We did not rest until we were assured that our improved Lamberti Classic was the finest violin in the marketplace for the price, an ideal instrument for an ambitious, rapidly advancing student.

Modeled on a famous 1715 Stradivari, this violin has been made with carefully aged flamed maple back, neck and scroll and seasoned European spruce tops. Carefully applied hand varnish, following traditional Italian methods, the Lamberti Classic employs four coats of varnish, dried naturally in the sun, bringing out the full beauty of the violin, both aesthetically and tonally. Quality fittings used throughout, including Hill-style ebony pegs, a hand-carved French bridge and an ebony tailpiece with fine tuner for the E-string.

The "Best in Class!" icon is your assurance that Shar has searched the world for instruments that are the very best value in each category. We offer a variety of instruments for different playing levels and price ranges, so that you can find the instrument that is perfect for your needs.

This Carlo Lamberti violin does not come with any accessories; it is the violin only.


Carlo Lamberti Classic Violin

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Kathryn Vazquez
8/16/2020 2:56:00 am

Excellent Bright Sounding Violin

Based on an assessment of this instrument's craftsmanship, playability, and tone, the Carlo Lamberti Classic Violin is absolutely optimal for use of the advancing musician. Contrary to SHAR's statement regarding this Lamberti's sweet tone, the Classic has a pronounced, bright voice. The clarity of this violin's tone allows baroque musicians to acheive the robust style baroque is known for, while classical musicians can benefit from the brightness of this violin (especially when playing Mozart). Throughout both the lower and upper registers, there is a firm balance in its tone, which is a characteristic that I find evident in many more costly violins. A common customer concern, especially with new Chinese instruments, is a nasal quality that thwarts the violin's maximum potential. This Lamberti initially has that attribute, but has a very quick break-in time of a mere 45 minutes. I would go on about this violin, but I made the choice of writing this review late at night. To cut to the chase, this violin has excellent playability, which is what I feel sets it apart from much of the competition in this price range. USEFUL INFORMATION: Heard of the luthier Scott Cao? This violin is almost exactly like his STV-850s! It really is best-in-class-

Justin Davison
1/13/2020 12:00:00 pm

Excellent Instrument

Shar really provided a gem with this one. The tonal quality of the violin is superb, better than most that I have played. My original violin was a student model and was destroyed in a flood, but this one handily takes its place. I am falling in love all over again with playing. Rob in the Violin Shop was great to deal with, and the customer service has been nothing short of exceptional. I highly recommend this company and this instrument in particular. If my son decides to take up violin lessons, I will buy this again in a smaller size.

7/29/2019 7:10:00 pm

Great Violin

I really like this violin. I used to have an awful student instrument and stepped up to this instrument. What a difference it made! It has great projection, an even tone, and sings beautifully for me. It does have a slightly nasal quality to its sound, but other than that I have absolutely fallen in love with this instrument.

7/5/2019 1:15:00 pm

This Violin is Amazing!!

I began playing violin about 5 months ago in the middle of July. I started with a rental from Shar, and it was a Franz Hoffman Concert Violin. I just now got the Carlo Lamberti Classic, and I love it! We ordered it on the week of sales, so it was $800. I am very, very happy I got this violin! First of all, the violin is beautiful! I really thought a buttery-colored violin would be great. I thought the picture looked very pretty. I tried to find a picture of the violin on Google images, and the one I found looked a lot darker than the violin looks. When I first saw it, I was really astounded at how it looks. Also, this violin has such an amazing sound! It was a great upgrade, and I am extremely happy with it. It has more of a musical sound because the notes flow so much better, and the sound itself is really relaxing. It isn't shrill. When I played the songs I had learned, they sounded much better! In conclusion, this violin is amazing! I am very happy with it! Side Note: Shar Music is great! They have amazing shipping, good customer service, fast response time, and their products are very great! I plan on using Shar much more!

1/8/2019 7:16:00 pm

A high quality violin

I own one, it has an excellent tone and quality made far beyond I expected in a violin. And what I would expect in a higher costing violin I highly recommend them!

1/5/2018 8:05:00 am

Carlo Lamberti Model 1000 Viloin

Wow! This violin is gorgeous, well crafted and has a beuatiful sound. When I orderd this I was excited. But when this lovely instrument came to my house, I was ecstatic! This really is a wonderful instrument.

1/20/2017 9:20:00 am

a lovely violin

i so love my new violin. it's easy to play, very forgiving, easy to play double stops on, with a wonderful sound in the higher positions. also it projects quite well. all in all i am very pleased with it and i'm sure it's going to be a treasured possession in years to come. i live in india and i bought this entirely through an internet transaction. i want to make a special mention about the staff who were so helpful, answered all my questions patiently and promptly, and thus made sure i had an enjoyable shopping experience. - sharon

1/30/2016 9:01:00 am


I just received this violin and I love the tone and playability. It is exactly what I was looking for and was lucky enough to find in this instrument! I have been playing viola for 28 years, 21 of those on a 16" Karl Joseph schneider from shar that I love. I wanted to have a violin that didn't sound too bright, one that had a warmer tone and am really happy with this one. Viola has gotten really hard on my hands so I've picked up violin recently. This doesn't have the deep, rich tones I'm accustomed to with viola, but I didn't expect it would. But if you are a fellow violist looking for a violin, this violin also doesn't have the overly bright tone most violists would do anything to avoid. Highly recommended!

1/16/2014 10:58:00 am

Gorgeous instrument.

Carlo Lamberti Classic Violin besides of a gorgeous and sweet tone is an easy playable violin and easy of tune. Also is a beautiful violin. I am an intermediate violinist according my teacher that maybe give the next step.I have another violin with a beatiful sound too but I never had played a violin with this sound and so easy playable as the Classic Lamberti, there is pieces that I play that never heard thus while I played. I feel as a great violinist with this violin. I got the instrument of my dreams. Thanks

2/13/2013 7:25:00 pm

Great Violin

I have had this violin for several month and I am continually impressed with it's sweet sound! While its not a strong projector of sound it has an awesome warm and sweet sound that is very impressive. My teacher actually said he has to admit he likes the sound better than his own violin!

8/3/2012 2:41:00 am


I use this violin with a baroque bow, Passione gut strings, and without a chin or shoulder rest...for fiddling. Everyone who hears it is blown away by it's sound and, although I have in the past owned a violin that cost 10 times what this one did, I wouldn't trade back!

3/15/2011 5:29:00 pm

excellent violin for advancing student

I have been enjoying this violin for several month now, and it was a great buy. In the store I compare this violin against 3 other violins in about the same price range. Needless to say I liked this one best. This is a violin that brings a lot of potential to the violin player. It has a sweet, yet brighter sound, with a wonderful E-String sound. I am expecting the violin to sound even better in a few years, when the brand new violin has settled a bit. It is lightweight and well made, perfect for an advancing student or a serious adult. I would not recommend it to a kid and beginner, which is better served with a more sturdy build violin at start. The only remark I have are the tuning pegs. Although doable, the violin can be at times very hard to fine-tune. Great buy!

8/31/2010 10:49:00 am


I am an advancing high school student, and after renting for many years, decided to buy a violin, and with this Carlo Lamberti Classic, it was a pretty easy pick! I noticed it right away for its gorgeous wood, and when I picked it up to play it, the sound was even better. It plays in the upper positions very well, without that squeaky shrill sound that many instruments have when you try to play way up there. It also projects very well. It is a fantastic violin, in its appearance, as well as in its sound and everything else. I am VERY happy with this purchase, and would definitely recommend it!

5/19/2010 7:13:00 am

Great Violin

I bought this violin for my daughter 18 months ago. We had it for an in-home trial along with 2 other instruments from Shar and 6 other violins from various violin shops all ranging in price between $750 to $2000. The Lamberti Classic LV14 stood out from the beginning. Even our VERY picky philharmonic teacher kept going back to this one in a blind test (not knowing the manufacturer nor the price). The violin has a sweet and warm tone, perfect balance between brightness and depth of sound. It plays really well in the upper positions without being screechy or nasal. I would say it has a medium projection compared to other violins in its price range. It comes with Dominant strings, they sound great but my daughter prefers the Obligato ones. We switched to Pirastro Obligato (silver D and Gold E) and it sounded so much better. However the Gold E was hissing a tiny tiny bit, so changed it to Steel E String Obligato and problem solved. Over the past 18 months the sound has mature a little but not much. When it's time for my son to upgrade his instrument we will definitely go with the Lamberti Classic too.

5/1/2010 1:47:00 pm

Beautiful Sound & Appearance

After looking for a decent violin for 6 months, visiting lots of local places as well as trying those on Craigslist, we finally came across a Carlo Lamberti Classic. We had heard about it and I even contemplated on renting one to try it out but I confess I was really biased when it came to non-European violins! We wanted a quality German violin (antique or new), maybe Italian or French, but definitely not interested in Chinese violins. We wanted one under $1,000 but there was absolutely no decent German violin around that price tag anywhere (only the mass produced cheap ones that don't even sound like a real violin!). So when our daughter played Carlo Lamberti, we could not believe the beautiful sound it produced! Deep G string, mellow D, clear & sweet A, and bright E! The 3/4 size was on par (the tone & volume) with a full size quality German violin which cost 3-4 times more! It is also beautiful to look at! We were sold immediately and could not believe the value we were getting! Shar is right - it's the best value for the money and we highly recommend it!

1/29/2010 1:00:00 pm

Great sound!!

I bought this Violin with the Help of the highly knowledgeable staff from Shar. The violin is not only a beautiful piece of art but also has a mellow and well balanced sound, that makes a pleasure to play it and to listen to it.