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Button Style Wolf Eliminator for Cello

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Howling, stuttering, and warbling – they're all different terms for the harsh repeating wuh, wuh, wuh sound that your cello can sometimes make. This occurs when the vibration of a particular string clashes with the vibrating body of the cello – beginners often think they’re doing something wrong when they hear this sound. Not true. All cellos have a certain “wolf tone” to them, and in higher-quality cellos the tone can be even louder (due to their strong resonance).

The only way to control a wolf tone is with a tone eliminator. This lighter button version of our Cello Wolf Tone Eliminator is easy to install – just thread the offending string through the Eliminator and tighten the button. Adjustable to reduce or eliminate a wolf tone to your specifications.


Button Style Wolf Eliminator for Cello

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3/22/2019 9:44:00 am

Great Product, If,,,,

I am an instrument tech who plays cello. Wolf eliminators are a necessity for most cellos. The button style can be very effective, due to precise positioning and narrow contact area. I purchased 3 of these recently, and all 3 needed an adjustment. In manufacturing, the string slot is not cut precisely enough to get full string contact. One side will be loose and create a string buzz. The manufacturer includes a foam pad to wrap the string so the button doesn't buzz, however, these reduce the effectiveness of the eliminator. This problem was easily solved by using a string slot file, same thickness as the string, and cutting the slot on the one side of the button that did not get machined deeply enough. Both ends of the button slot need to match precisely. After completing this adjustment, the buttons did their job perfectly.

Solen Dikener
12/21/2010 12:05:00 am

New wolftone eliminator

This is an excellent new device to eliminate the wolftone, and it looks much nicer as well.