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V. C. Jeandel Pernambuco Viola Bow - 4/4 (17" - 14") size

Item# VOB25


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Beautifully finished French-made bows. Quick-responding, medium-firm to strong, round stick. Nickel-mounted ebony frog.

Markus Fischer Pernambuco Viola Bow - 4/4 (17" - 14") size - Silver Mounted

Item# FB180V


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Remarkable craftsmanship brings out the personality of each individual bow. Stiff pernambuco stick, medium weight and balance. Full, focused tone, fast response. 3-part button and silver-wire grip.

J. M. Luthi Pernambuco Viola Bow - 4/4 (17" - 14") size

Item# FB140V


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Elegant, firm pernambuco stick, medium weight and balance, comfortable feel. Full, articulate and focused tone, quick response. Parisian eye, silver-capped button and silver-wire grip.

Guy Laurent® Pernambuco 3 Star Viola Bow - 4/4 size - Silver Mounted

Item# VOB47


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Stunning silver fittings and faux tortoise shell frog on this impressive bow! Firm stick is at home with the Dvorak Concerto as well as with Bach's Suite No.1. This bow will help take any serious student or amateur to the next level of playing.

Bows from the Guy Laurent® workshop are amongst our most popular, serving the most demanding advanced students and serious amateurs. In the tradition of the great French archetiers, we are proud to offer these impressive bows of fine character and outstanding playability. For the violist seeking a strong bow with very warm sound, excellent control and fast response, but without breaking the bank, look no further! Easily comparable to European bows costing twice the price, these master bows are from the finest workshops in China.

Armin Seebass Pernambuco Viola Bow - 4/4 (17" - 14") size - Simon Model

Item# AS400V


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Finnish bowmaker Armin Seebass has studied in England, Germany and Belgium, gaining profound insight into Europe's three most important bow-making schools. Among his most influential teachers were Derek Wilson and Robert Pierce, Peter Benedek and Silvio Bendik as well as Pierre Guillaume and Blaise Emmelin. The stunning workmanship and bold, imaginative style make these bows ideal for discerning collectors... the graceful control, masterful command, and vibrant quality of the pernambuco make them ideal for the most selective musicians.

Simon model, silver mounted, ebony frog

J. Szklenar Viola Bow 1999 Prague

Item# F2 B2969

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Guy Laurent COLLECTORS SERIES Vuillaume Viola Bow

Item# VOB48


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Based on the drawings and designs of one of the most famous and influential bow making workshops in history, this gorgeous bow is up to the rigorous demands of serious players. The elegant silver mounted ebony frog is artfully beveled and fitted in the unique Vuillaume style, with a round bottom slide mated to the corresponding mortise. Strong yet flexible stick of medium weight. This wonderful bow performs with an easy grace that will accommodate a wide variety of demanding musical styles. 4/4 size.

Daniela Finkel Pernambuco Viola Bow

Item# FB190V


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Daughter of J.S. Finkel, Daniela is carrying the Finkel legacy into the next millennium, with her finely crafted pernambuco bows.

Guy Laurent® Collector's Series Sartory Viola Bow - 4/4 size - Silver Mounted

Item# VOB70


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One of the premier French Bow Makers, Eugene Sartory worked for both Charles Pecatte and Alfred Lamy before opening his own shop in Paris. A new addition to our Collector Series Bows, these replicas exhibit the strength, balance, and stability of the master's work.

Klaus Becker 3 Star World Viola Bow

Item# E3W


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World Class Performance . . . Wherever Your Performances Take You! Ivory. Whalebone. Tortoise shell. These are materials that have been used for centuries by the world’s greatest bow makers. With today’s awareness of our scarce resources and endangered wildlife, there simply must be a different way to make bows. And, with increased enforcement of customs laws, crossing national borders has become quite challenging. Our new German-made Klaus Becker bows have addressed these challenges, one-by-one, while creating bows with uncompromising playing characteristics. Still using fine pernambuco wood, harvested in certified sustainable conditions, Becker World Bows posses the performance traits you demand of any fine wood bow. Where the similarity ends, however, is in the use of a synthetic composite frog, Sterling silver eye, and metal tip plate. As pleasing to the eye as it is to your performance, your Becker World Bow will quickly become your favorite international traveling companion.

High quality bows representing the finest German workshops. Expert wood selection, artistic cutting, and a jewel-like finish are combined to produce these beautiful bows.

Do you need a new bow? Most players, regardless of skill level, eventually come to the realization that a new bow would be beneficial to their technical and musical development. If your current bow feels like it slips and skates on the surface of the string... if you have a hard time producing more than just a few tone colors... if your off-the-string bowings are noisy and hard to control, then you should consider trying different bows. Please call one of our specialists, all string players, to discuss the Shar In-Home Trial Program: 866-742-7270.

Klaus Becker® Pernambuco 2 Star Viola Bow

Item# E2


High quality bows representing the finest in German Craftsmanship. Expert wood selection, artistic cutting, and a jewel-like finish are combined to produce these bows that are as beautiful to look at as they are to play. Medium to heavy weight, excellent balance, solid feel, articulate tone, easy bounce and response.

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