Viola Da Gamba Bow

Viola Da Gamba Bow | VDGB50P

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Pernambuco wood, stick length 72cm, playing length of hair 58cm, height of frog 2.7cm, weight 61g.

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Customer Questions

Question by:

  • Will Wilkin
  • Oxford, CT

Asked On: 06/07/2018

What is the hair material on this bow? What is the shape of the stick --convex like an archery bow or concave like modern bows (under tension, does the middle of the stick bow towards or away from the hair)? Is the frog clip-in or screw-adjustment? Is there anything specific that suits it to being a "viola da gamba" bow, such as it being a copy of a historic style or design?

SHAR Answer:

Hello Will! These are roughly based on a 1740 Swanbill bow stick that produces an outward camber under tension. It features a baroque era frog with no slide or ferrule. It’s an octagonal stick, with practical weight, length, and hair for Viola da Gamba playing. The hair is natural horse hair. I hope this helps!

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Question by:

  • Fernando Soto
  • Union City, NJ

Asked On: 08/18/2016

Hi! Is it a BASS viola da gamba bow?

SHAR Answer:

Hi Fernando! Gamba bows of this style are typically similar in length and weight. Although there's no standard size, this bow might lean more towards a bass bow rather than tenor. Depending on your preference, this bow can be used with instruments of varying size. Hope this helps!

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