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Boveda Humidification System for Cello and Bass

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The top humidifier for your cello and bass – for a reason. While most humidifiers only remove moisture in order to maintain your stringed instrument, the Boveda® Humidity Control Kit can also add it in, to assure that your instrument is always kept within the perfect humidity range. 

Boveda's® Patented 2-Way Humidification System: 
Without proper humidity control, stringed instruments will not perform at maximum ability (and can be damaged). Your instrument should be stored at a stable 45-55% RH (relative humidity). Any wide fluctuations in humidity will cause the wood to expand or shrink, putting stress on your instrument and degrading its performance abilities.

Boveda's patented system solves this issue: If humidity falls below an indicated level, the Control Kit allows liquid to slowly and gradually disperse to bring the humidity up. If the humidity is above the indicated level, Boveda will absorb excess humidity and bring the level down to the desired area. 

Stop risking your instrument by adding water: Only Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control adds or removes moisture as conditions require to maintain the ideal humidity level in your instrument case. The Humidity Control Kit helps prevent warping or cracking, and eliminates downtime for service. And because the kit requires zero maintenance, your instrument will always be protected.


Boveda Humidification System for Cello, Bass, and Guitar

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