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Blackwing Pencil Replacement Erasers

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Introduced in the 1930's, the Blackwing quickly became the favorite of novelist John Steinbeck, animator Chuck Jones, and composers Stephen Sondheim and Quincey Jones. Discounted in the 1990's Blackwing pencils were reintroduced in 2010 by American company California Cedar's Palamino pencil division. Made to Palamino's specs by Japan's finest art pencil manufacturer, and using strong and straight Incense Cedar logs harvested in the US, assembly is completed by Palamino. The graphite is Japanese, with a blend of clay, for a smooth, sensuous feel. Each Palamino has a unique metal ferrule that holds a long wide eraser and clip - when the eraser wears down, simply remove the clip, pull eraser out a little, and reinstall. Replacement erasers are available, to assure that your Blackwing eraser lasts as long as its pencil! Musicians and artists will prefer the Blackwing for a soft, smooth performance. Writers and everyday users will prefer the Blackwing 602, for a firmer line. This item includes 10 replacement erasers. Choose between black or white.


Blackwing Pencil Replacement Erasers

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4/13/2023 2:39 pm

replacement erasers

Nice erasers, works well. I purchased the Blackwing matte pencils along with the sharpener and this replacement eraser pack. Great set.