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Belvelin Shoulder Rest

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Firm and Flexible Support, Maximum Comfort

The Swedish-made Belvelin shoulder pad is perhaps the most comfortable shoulder pad you will ever use! The secret is in the unique cellular foam, offering the firmest support, yet possessing a soft, velvety finish. Unlike other foam shoulder pads, it will not “bottom out”, yet it cushions away all the Sharp edges of your violin or viola. Simple to use – just position it where it is most comfortable, and secure with a standard rubber band.

The Belvelin Shoulder Pad is available in three sizes, Small, Medium, and Large. Choose the size that works best for you, depending on the amount of support you prefer, and regardless of what size violin or viola you play. To help guide you, refer to the chart under "Item Specifications", showing the dimensions of each Belvelin Shoulder Pad.

Note: The Belvelin Small is suitable for all size violins, including 1/8, 1/10, and 1/16 sizes


Belvelin Shoulder Rest

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11/5/2022 2:51 pm

The Perfect fit

I have tried several different more expensive viola shoulder rests over the years and Belvelin is the best match. Having large shoulders, traditional shoulder rests that clamp on the sides of the instrument locked my shoulder and impaired movement while playing. The Belvelin, being held in place with a rubber band follows the motion of my shoulder resulting in less shoulder fatigue after hours of practicing and rehearsals. Was a little hesitant in my initial purchase worrying that the shoulder rest would dampen my sound; however, I hear no difference. Actually bought both the large and medium. Large for everyday practice and medium for performances to compensate for padding in tux coat.