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BAM Stylus Oblong Violin Case

Item # : VBM13BS


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: Black

Classic BAM oblong design, but with an elegant cover, for a contemporary look. Traditional BAM foam construction offers protection and saves weight. Added ABS reinforcing pieces for extra protection. Lots of space for sheet music, accessories and personal belongings. Durable water-resistant Cordura cover, removable shoulder/backstraps, expandable sheet music pocket on the back, removable accessory compartment, two bow holders, string tube. Black interior.


BAM Stylus Oblong Violin Case

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3/31/2019 1:11:00 am

Good deal but not the perfect case

The case seems very protective of the instrument, and I had no trouble fitting my violin and bow inside, until I had to close the case. My chinrest is higher than some others, and the case didn't completely close. Once I moved the chinrest over a bit, I was able to squeeze the case closed with no problem. Also, the lid doesn't stay open easily. If the lid is forced back further than normal, then it should stay open. But it takes some time to get it to stay open without holding it up or propping it open.

7/28/2018 3:49:00 pm

Retired amatuer violinist/violist

I purchased this case some time ago. I probably should have returned it right away, but decided to keep it and give it a chance. I like the way it looks, and the weight is lighter than the broken-zippered case that I had at the time. I find it inconvenient in that because the case does not stay open on it's own, I have to put down my instrument in order to unzip and hold up the lid. Also, my bow just barely fits into the top bow-holder, lengthwise and I was disappointed to realize that the only thing holding the case shut is the zipper. There are no metal clasps, just two slots to hold the plastic zipper tabs. Also there is no blanket included.