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Bam St Germain Oblong Violin Case

Item # : VBM23BLK


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4 Reviews
: Black

BAM quality and classic elegance and flair, at an affordable price! Original poly foam shell, with slight "give," helps absorb shock and insulates from the elements. Durable water-resistant ballistic fabric cover, removable backstraps, expandable sheet music pocket, removable accessory pouch, two bow holders. Black interior.


Bam St Germain Oblong Violin Case

Ratings & Reviews

1/7/2022 6:29:00 am

Nice case but doesn't stay open

The inside of the case is pretty cushy and fits the violin nicely. The accessory pocket inside of the case fits a Wolfe Seconde rest fine with some finagaling. The bow spinners are pretty good and give the hairs ample room, but they do feel a little flimsy. (Not a deal breaker though) The biggest downside to the case is that it doesn't stay open so plan on reopening it constantly while you put yourself together.

1/7/2022 6:29:00 am

Decent, but many small issues

I like the look of this case and plan to keep it, but there are several small issues. I do wish this case had a latch as well as the zipper. It would also be really nice if there were rubber feet on the back of the case. There is a metal d-ring on the back and I worry about it scratching surfaces. I believe the description says there is a front pocket. There is not. I really wish the handle was leather instead of plastic, but it feels pretty sturdy. I have two bows that must be slightly long as they will only fit stick side up on the on the bottom holder. The fit is very snug. I tried a 3rd bow that fit stick side up on both holders. Just keep this in mind if you have longer bow. The bottom bow spinner mashes into the foam beneath it. It seems that might put unnecessary pressure on the spinner. I have read some reviews about the spinners falling off after not too long. I wonder if this is related? The fit for the violin is nice and snug, but apparently my violin is a bit long and I have to really push the scroll down to get it in place. I'm not sure if this is actually a problem or not, but I definitely don't feel entirely comfortable with that. I tried a different violin that is shorter and felt good about the fit. The music pocket in the back is sufficient for my needs most of the time. If you need to carry a lot of music, it probably won't all fit in this pocket. Also, it is not quite wide enough to place two standard size etude books/concerti without overlapping. Certainly not a deal breaker, just a bit annoying. The "secret shoulder rest holder" is a pouch is joke. It is basically a zipper pouch that pulls out of the music pocket and is meant to dangle from the outside of the case. This seems impractical, particularly for travel. Fortunately, there is room inside the case underneath the neck of the violin for a shoulder rest, but there isn't a way to secure the rest in place. A velcro strap would have been nice. The case feels fairly light for and oblong case. So far it does not stay open on it's own, but I think it will stretch out and eventually do so.

7/29/2016 10:26:00 pm

Top won't stay up

I love the look and inside layout of this case, and the weight is good. Unfortunately the top won't stay open. It's very inconvenient and worrisome to have the top flop down while I'm handing the violin inside the case. That's quite a significant design flaw for a case at this price point.

2/18/2014 9:37:00 am

Awesome case!

I've been wanting to upgrade for a while, and so glad I finally did it. This case is very high quality, totally worth the money.