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Artino Ergo Collapsible Shoulder Rest Black

Item # : 1345CBLK


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Comfortable, Colorful, and Collapsible!

The new Ergo shoulder rest is a dream come true: Beautiful construction, dual foam padding with the top layer complementing the color of the body. Available in your choice of 5 vivid colors - Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, or Black. Easily collapsible, making it no problem to stow in the case, and without putting it out of adjustment! One size fits 4/4 - 3/4 violins and most 13" - 16" violas!


Artino Ergo Collapsible Shoulder Rest Black

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7/17/2014 9:43:00 am

Poor quality, made a student sad.

This is sad- I bought a few of these shoulder rests around the Christmas sale time (at a really reasonable price!) to give to some students who haven't been able to purchase their own. While trying one out at home, one of the little plastic stops broke off by the foot. It makes it a little less stable, but it worked. Note to self- be gentle, it's a fragile plastic.. or maybe this one is a little defective? I give another to a student during a lesson, she's really excited to have her own (and it's purple!). While she setting up the feet, the plastic flies off of this shoulder rest, too, and it really won't stay on the instrument because there is no stop to keep the tension. She feels really bad because she feels like she broke it and it barely works. We put some tape around it to hold the foot in place, but it doesn't really work and it looks terrible. For a similar price, get an Everest.

2/2/2014 10:41:00 am

Wonderful shoulder rest

I have tried most shoulder rests: Kun, Kun Bravo, resonans, comfort cradle, Viva la musica, Bon musica, sponges, wolf, no shoulder rest. To my surprise this shouder rest fit my shoulders perfectly. Often with shoulder rests I am never fully supports, or it feels like the shoulder rest gets in the way of shifting, or the shoulder rest moves around. However this particular shoulder rest seems to suit my body perfectly.