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Artino Adjustable Violin Shoulder Rest (fits 1/8 - 4/4 size)

Item # : 1345A


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The Artino shoulder rest is a quality product designed to meet the needs of both professional and students alike. This shoulder rest is adjustable on both sides and should fit any violin from 1/8-4/4 size. A great choice for developing players who haven't yet grown into their full size instrument. This shoulder rest will grow with you!


Artino Adjustable Violin Shoulder Rest (fits 1/8 - 4/4 size)

Ratings & Reviews

1/4/2022 12:29:00 pm

Good price, works well

I have these for most of my school fleet, and they work quite well as long as the kids adjust them correctly and don't abuse them. Over-tightening will break the posts, and the size set nuts do loosen, and they need to realize how the hooks adjust for their neck height, but with proper instruction (and "experience"), they are fine. The price is especially attractive to a limited school budget.

unhappy costumer
5/17/2019 11:37:00 pm


I cannot find a way to make this shoulder rest comfortable. I've wasted hours over it and it is still very painful and I've even thought about going back to a sponge.

9/30/2013 2:17:00 am


this shoulder rest is comfortable but I dont like how it doesnt swivel.

2/24/2011 11:50:00 pm

Its comfortable

...strangly enough, it actually IS comfortable to use! Dont be fooled by the cheap price!