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Aeternum Aureum Violin Case

Item # : MA3611PWBGE


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: Beige

A modern tribute to the classic 1700s violin case, thought to have been designed by Stradivari himself: Rounded end design, with the violin cradled at a slant, for both visual appeal and spatial efficiency. The Aureum is an unabashedly luxurious case, with extra plush interior padding, Italian suede leather lining, contrasting striped ribbons at the case bottom, and a series of genuine Swarovski crystals covering interior screw heads. As in all Musafia cases, safety is paramount; the Aeternum Aureum has Musafia's monolithic impact absorbing system, with added structural load-bearing partitions and bolted steel L-reinforcements. Available in choice of beige or brown interiors, with military-grade, Teflon treated Cordura black fabric cover with subway handleWeight: 6.6 lbs.


Aeternum Aureum Violin Case

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12/17/2017 3:35:00 pm

Musafia Aetrernum Violin Case

I have had my Musafia case for 5 years now. It looks just as good as it did new. The fittings and hinges on the case are first rate and hold up very well. The strap lugs are bolted in , not just screwed. My case saved my violin from a very bad fall when it was pushed off my shoulder in the Detroit airport. The case landed top down on the concrete. I felt sick at that moment. I got to the next gate, opened my case and my violin was still in tune! It was just fine, The case was paid for in that split second. I'm sure a sound post crack would have cost thousands to repair, and devalued my instrument greatly. Musafia is constantly trying to improve their cases and fittings. I have been very impressed with the responses I have gotten from Dimitri Musafia himself. He even sent me a set of his newest bow holders from Cremona, Italy for me to try and give him my opinion on. There are other good cases, but when I needed another one for another instrument I went straight to Musafia.

5/11/2017 1:38:00 pm

Buyer beware

This is a perfect example of how looks and marketing f can be very deceptive. I paid $1500 USD for this piece of crappy junk. Musafia Salvatore Accardo model violin case. Bought at Raffael Carraba Violins in Seattle, WA. This case was bought new and I never even took this case anywhere and the lock broke, one of the temperature thermometer fell out, hinge is cracked X the outer edge of the smell is falling apart. I have contacted Musafia many times and no response. Customer service is nonexistent. I have converted over to BAM hightech l'etoile. I refuse to spend more of my hard earned money to get this item repaired and sent back to Musafia. If they were an ethical company with a "real life time warranty", th need to replace this case at their expense. At least 9 violin shops that I trust told me never to buy a Musafia case and now I can see the reason why.