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Adjustrite Folding Musician's Chair Tall

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A Chair So Good, Only a Cellist Could Have Designed It!
This could be the best musician's chair ever! Sturdy, with perfect seating position, as well as height adjustable legs, the Adjustrite Musician's Chair will give your back a rest, while allowing for freedom of movement. Padded back gives plenty of support for a comfortable seating position, especially during long rehearsals and performances. Legs adjust at one inch increments, useful for both height and seating position adjustment. At 18 lbs and foldable, the Adjustrite is easily portable. Strong steel construction, beautifully finished in orchestra black. Designed for players 6 feet tall and above, legs adjust for a front of seat height of 21" to 26". Max weight allowance of 250 lbs.

For players under 6 feet tall, try the Adjustrite Musician's Chair (FMC).


Adjustrite Folding Musician's Chair Tall

Ratings & Reviews

10/13/2019 12:37:00

Adjustrite Tall

I am very disappointed with this chair. Bought it about 3 years ago and have been using it pretty much every day in my studio. First of all, the back rest is very low and makes you feel like bending backwards. Doesn't help for a better violinist's posture. Second - just recently, it started squeaking and making all different noises, when I move a little. I greased the joints, but that improved the situation only slightly. Third and most important - the front bar, which connects the front 2 legs cracked on both sides at the joint, where is welded to the legs. Now the whole chair is wobbly and the legs are crooked slightly one to the left, the other - to the right. since I have had it for more than a year, it is not in warranty, but for the price, I expected much better quality. Otherwise, I like the fact that it folds (portable) and it's firm cushions. Now I will try to connect with the maker to see if there is anything I can do or just have to throw out this expensive chair.

10/15/2017 17:13:00

Adjustrite Folding Musician's Chair Tall

This is by far the most comfortable chair I have ever used. I am a 'cellist over 6 feet tall and "all leg". For the first time in my life I have a chair that is tall enough to allow me to sit correctly. No more folding my legs under short chairs! No more hitting my left knee with my bow! Being able to have the seat tilt forward has alleviated back pain as well. The ability to adjust each leg individually is perfect for dealing with uneven surfaces. Any 'cellist that gigs and has had to suffer with whatever chair was available will appreciate no longer having to deal with a dysfunctional chair. I couldn't be happier!

7/29/2016 13:06:00

Best tall orchestra chair!

I'm a violinist over 6'1", and have used countless brands of tall orchestra chairs and prototypes of tall orchestra chairs for decades, and blocks, and platform risers with my feet over the edge, and everything imaginable after seriously injuring my back while standing up from a very short orchestra chair years ago. The Adjustrite Tall Folding Musicians Chair has been a lifesaver! After a few spine operations, I thought I might never be able to play anywhere where I didn't have access to a tall chair, but I've been using this chair for several months now, and it's exactly what I needed! Besides adjusting the height of the legs with the one-inch increment buttons, you can adjust the tilt of the seat forward or backward by screwing the feet to various heights at the very bottom of the legs. The seat is cushion is well-padded, and despite its slightly shorter than average back, it's just fine for tall violinists and violists who use the back of their chair. Very easy to fold up and carry!

7/9/2010 21:10:00

Great chair, "Tall" version may be too tall for even tall cellists

I'm writing this review mainly to caution against following the advice posted in the description for sizing for tall cellists. I am 6'3" and "mostly legs--" my inseam in pants is 35" and I am using the very shortest setting on this chair for ideal height. If your pants inseam is less than mine, you might want to try the standard size chair, which, at its tallest, is the same height as this one at its shortest. My favorite feature of this chair is the slight downward angle on the seat. I can't say enough positive about how this has helped my playing. Makes it so much easier on my lower back and allows me to practice much longer and focus on my music, not suppressing the experience of discomfort in my back. And I don't actually have a "back problem," it was just fatigue when sitting and playing my cello on a flat chair, especially after a day at my job that involves sitting on a stool with roller wheels. The manufacturer should consider making some overlap in height with the standard musician's chair, specifically for cellists, as I can't imagine any cellist or other musician wanting the taller heights. Maybe string bass players are the target clientele for the higher settings on this chair...