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Adjustrite Folding Musician's Chair Standard

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A Chair So Good, Only a Cellist Could Have Designed It!
This could be the best musician's chair ever! Sturdy, with perfect seating position, as well as height adjustable legs, the Adjustrite Musician's Chair will give your back a rest, while allowing for freedom of movement. Padded back gives plenty of support for a comfortable seating position, especially during long rehearsals and performances. Legs adjust at one inch increments, useful for both height and seating position adjustment. At 18 lbs and foldable, the Adjustrite is easily portable. Strong steel construction, beautifully finished in orchestra black. Designed for players under 6 feet tall; legs adjust for a front of seat height of 15" to 20".

Max Weight Limit: 250lbs

For players over 6 feet tall, try the Adjustrite Tall Musician's Chair (FMCT).


Adjustrite Folding Musician's Chair Standard

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6/18/2020 7:34:00 am

Nice chair

Our cello teacher recommended this chair and Shar Music offered the best deal! Highly recommend!

5/27/2013 3:56:00 am

Beware at age 3

I have used and loved this chair for three years. But today the crossbar under the chair broke and the chair went down with me on it. It has to be welded. Iíve spoken with some of my colleagues and they said that their three-year-old chairs are doing the same thing. As the chair age as you have to check the bottom bars.

10/17/2011 1:07:00 pm

Re: The Adjustrite Cello Chair

1. Shipping was ridiculously fast; you folks don't have to break your necks like that! 2. Two weeks in, I like this chair very much. It is extremely solid, and gives a very stable feeling, much more so than one would expect from a folding chair. 3. Both seat height and angle are adjustable - that is critically important. 4. Excellent lumbar support! 5. The look is completely professional and low-key; it virtually disappears in use. 6. The only cons have been mentioned by others: a] The fine adjustment screws on the feet do not lock in place when screwed out. I am currently trying Loctite on the threads; if that doesn't work, next comes plumbers' pipe tape b] The hard plastic feet might scratch some floors (felt chair-leg pads fixed that) c] The chair is a bit awkward to carry any distance, even folded, and it is not light - but hey, that's why it feels so solid!