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Mach One Maple Violin Shoulder Rest Hook

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Mach One Maple Violin Shoulder Rest Hook | 1370H M 44
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Item# 1370H M 44

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About This Item

Even more ergonomic than the famous original Mach One, the new "Hook" model rises to new levels of comfort for the busy player. Crafted in Canada of North American Maple, The Hook is a mere 5mm thick. A thin leather pad replaces the usual thick foam cushion, no longer needed for this design.
Luthier Peter Mach�s intent in designing The Hook was for the shoulder rest to hug the shoulder even more, for a more comfortable fit. Violin Hook fits both 4/4 and 3/4 violins, while the viola model will easily fit violas with lower bouts in the 230-266 mm range between 9" and 10 1/2".

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About This Brand

Designed and developed by Canadian violin maker Peter Mach over 20 years ago, the famous "S-Shaped" Mach One has become a favorite with thousands of violists and violinists. Designed specifically for the player who has had suffered shoulder pain due to unsupportive rests. Beautiful and integrated design not only complements your instrument's wood and shape, but minimizes the size of the feet. Molded from a single piece of rubber, the feet will never damage your instrument. Although no shoulder rest will work well for everyone, the Mach One has gained legions of loyal users who say, "it supports so well that it feels like nothing at all!"

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Customer Questions

Question by:


Asked On: 12/19/2020

Could you tell me the length of the legs on this shoulder rest?

SHAR Answer:

Hi Charla, thanks for the question! These legs are 3.5cm long

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Yes | 12 people found this question helpful

Question by:


Asked On: 01/03/2020

Are the Feet height adjustable? Been trying to learn violin for the last year without shoulder rest, and it is not working. i have no stability, and I have to raise should and crimp neck even after getting a higher chin rest. Your opinion on this model?

SHAR Answer:

Hello Lynn! Playing without a shoulder rest is definitely not comfortable for most. This shoulder rest has an ergonomic shape that would ease your discomfort. The feet can be screwed in or out further to slightly adjust the height. If you think you may need more height, consider one of our Wolf shoulder rests, as they adjust up to 3 inches tall, where this Mach One adjusts to slightly over 2 inches tall. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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Question by:


Asked On: 11/23/2018

I need a replacement pad for my Mach One Hook, a rubberized version which I know Peter Mack has available. Can i get he replacement pads from SHAR?

SHAR Answer:

Hello John! Unfortunately, we do not carry any replacement pads for the Mach One shoulder rests. I apologize about the inconvenience.

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Yes | 54 people found this question helpful

Question by:

  • Amanda Goodwin
  • Winston-Salem, NC

Asked On: 05/16/2018

How does this shoulder rest compare to the bon musica? Bon musica is what I currently have and it helps keep my shoulder from raising, but it can be a bit too restrictive. Do you think it could help keep my shoulder down while not locking me in too much?

SHAR Answer:

Hello Amanda! This Mach One is structurally similar to the Bonmusica and will likely feel the same and offer similar support. The Mach One will offer more resonance than the Bonmusica. If you are looking for something that would still give you the height and support you need, but will be more flexible and less restrictive, I would recommend the Wolf Primo Violin Shoulder Rest. I hope this helps!

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Yes | 57 people found this question helpful