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Hill Peg Compound

Item# 1172


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Lubricates sticking pegs.

Peg Drops - 1/2 ounce bottle

Item# 1175


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One drop stops slipping pegs! 1oz bottle should last for years, so be sure to read instructions!

Fast Fret String and Fingerboard Lubricant

Item# 1201


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Fast Fret String and Neck Lubricant / Cleaner for All Stringed Instruments. Fast Fret cleans and lubricates strings and fingerboards for faster, easier playability. Use it on your strings and fingerboard to help your fingers shift more freely and to help keep your strings clean. Fast Fret is a liquid in an easy to use applicator (contains no silicone). Comes with cleaning cloth.

Lapella Peg Compound

Item# 4072P


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Lapella No. 40 Favourite Peg Compound uses all natural ingredients to provide perfect lubrication for tuning precision and strong friction. 100% chemical free.

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