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String Fuel All-in-One String Cleaner and Lubricant

String Fuel All-in-One String Cleaner and Lubricant | MN109

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Item# MN109

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About This Item

Fuel your strings to last longer and play faster.

Buildup of oil, dirt, rosin, and leftover perspiration can make playing difficult, whether the string isn’t responding to the bow or your fingers aren’t gliding cleanly over the strings during shifts. They can also cause damage to your strings, tarnishing and weakening windings. While a simple microfiber cloth will generally offer sufficient day-to-day cleaning, stubborn accumulated buildup can now be quickly and easily removed with String Fuel, leaving your strings feeling like brand new.

Designed for guitarists looking to keep their strings lasting longer and playing faster, we decided to put this product to the test on a variety of bowed strings. The pleasant-smelling formula easily pulls away rosin, oils, and sweat, leaving violin, viola, cello and bass strings feeling like they just came out of the package. While the tool’s cleaning pad completely absorbs the string fuel formula without any dripping, we tested it liberally on various varnishes to make sure it would be safe and were unable to find any effect, though it does clean and condition ebony fingerboards very well. String Fuel is a hybrid blend of refined naturally occurring oils speed blended with premium quality mineral oils. It is silicone free.

For best results, first wipe the strings and instrument with appropriate cleaning cloths as you normally would after playing, removing as much oil and rosin as possible. Then, uncap the end of the String Fuel tool and run the moistened pad across the full length of each string. Close the tool and immediately remove the dry microfiber cloth from the other end and wipe off the strings to wick away any excess liquid. Wait at least 15 minutes before playing. Use up to weekly or as often as stubborn buildup accumulates.

Dimensions of String Fuel tool: 3.5 x 2.75 x 1.15 inches

Weight: 2 ounces

Made in the USA.


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Customer Questions

Question by:

  • Exton, PA

Asked On: 02/10/2020

I'd like to know is it safe for using on Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Violin String?

SHAR Answer:

Hello Xia! This string cleaner is safe to use on all string brands. Thanks!

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Yes | 16 people found this question helpful

Question by:


Asked On: 02/28/2019

Is there a video on how to use on violin strings? Also, is it safe for D'Addario EXP74 Mandolin strings and Larsen Canone II violin strings ? Thanks for the info!

SHAR Answer:

Hello Clarence! Unfortunately, we do not have an instructional video for this product, but it does come with comprehensive instructions, including images. And the String Fuel solution can be used on all steel wrapped strings with a steel or synthetic core, the Il Cannone and mandolin strings included. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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Yes | 24 people found this question helpful

Question by:


Asked On: 02/04/2019

I use Pirastro Oliv strings on both my violin and cello (jargon e on cello and Warchal e on violin) Is this safe to use on gut-core strings?

SHAR Answer:

Hello Michael! We have not tested this solution on gut core strings, so we cannot recommend using it. Since gut is a dried, organic material, it could potentially absorb the String Fuel solution and the string could lose its integrity, should the solution get trapped under the winding. After doing some research, there are some instances where players with pure gut strings use more viscous oils to clean the entire string (save the portion where you bow) and wipe away the excess. This is a possible option, but we would recommend researching a little more before testing this theory. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance!

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Yes | 54 people found this question helpful

Question by:

  • BUHL, ID

Asked On: 01/29/2019

Some brands of strings advice on cleaning strings is to never use liquid of any kind, because it will work into the windings and loosen them over time. I have used zylene and rubbing alcohol, but stopped when I read this. What would be your advice on this, as I would like to get one of these string cleaners. Thanks, Mike

SHAR Answer:

Hello Mike! The main danger with applying liquid to your strings is leaving the excess behind to soak into the string. Similarly to how the sweat and oil our fingers leave behind can damage your strings over time, applying alcohol or a cleaning solution and not removing the excess could lead to damaging build up. String Fuel is made from a thin mineral oil that helps dissolve the natural sweat and oil that we produce while we're playing. There is a soft cloth included with this kit that you are instructed to use to wipe off any excess String Fuel and keep your strings clean and strong. Please let us know if you have any further questions!

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