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Hygrometer | HYGROM2

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About This Item

No batteries are necessary to keep an eye on your relative case humidity!

These fast reacting humidifiers can be added to any case where there is room. Either use the included double-sided tape foam ring to stick into the case where it won’t come loose and damage your instrument, store in an interior compartment, or insert the back into a 1 3/8 inch diameter by 1/4 inch deep hole on the case interior (can be cut from some foam cases). These hygrometers are very fast-acting to changes in humidity as they allow the free flow of air to a hydro-reactive coil through large gaps behind the gold outer ring. However, while they are calibrated and can be re-calibrated using a screwdriver on the back of the device, they should only be used as a relative indicator, rather than for precise measurement. We recommend calibrating to an electric hygrometer at 50% humidity, then adding moisture to the case by humidifier if the device reads below the marked “Normal” range.

This device is not a humidifier and does not add or remove moisture from your case.



Dimensions: 1 11/16 inch diameter, 3/4 inch deep

Weight: 0.37 oz

Item Includes

Outfit Includes

  • Hygrometer
  • Double-sided adhesive foam ring

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1-Year Limited Warranty
This item comes with SHAR's 1 year warranty covering defects of workmanship or materials. General wear and tear or mis-use are not covered. Non-transferable.

30-Day No Hassle Return Policy
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Customer Questions

Question by:


Asked On: 09/18/2020

My case is velvet material on the inside. Will the hydrometer stick onto that?

SHAR Answer:

Hi Thomas, thank you for your question! The included double-sided foam tape will not adhere well to velvet.

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Yes | 8 people found this question helpful

Question by:

  • Nancy Fagan
  • Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Asked On: 01/16/2018

I am NOT from Alabama! (nor anywhere else in the U.S.). After going through the trouble of setting up an account just to ask a question, I finally get to ask it and your form doesn't contain any Canadian provinces in the dropdown! My question: How confident can I be that the Hygrometer will not come lose and fall on my cello? I would be very upset if my cello was damaged like that.

SHAR Answer:

Thanks for your feedback Nancy! Our apologizes for the oversight. We will be sure to add the Canadian Provinces to the dropdown menu. In regards to the Hygrometer, it includes foam double-sided tape used to secure it to your case. Installing the tape properly will insure that your instrument is not damaged by the hygrometer. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly at 1-800-248-7427.

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Yes | 91 people found this question helpful

Question by:

  • Anonymous

Asked On: 09/04/2017

How do you clip this hygrometer into the violin case if the case does not come with it? How big or bulky is this device? Does it need battery or do you wind it up?

SHAR Answer:

This hygrometer includes foam double-sided tape to secure it to your case. It measures 1.5" in diameter and does not require a battery. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Was this question helpful?

Yes | 93 people found this question helpful