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El Sistema - Music To Change Life DVD

El Sistema - Music To Change Life DVD | ES1DVD

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About This Item

This DVD is in Spanish language, with Englishsubtitles.

This great new documentary from award-winning director Paul Smaczny vividly demonstrates the power of music. It is the story of the ages: how one person, with one powerful idea and the drive to make his idea real, has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands. And it is a story that will inspire you to make a difference in the world . . . or in the world of one child

El Sistema' is a network of childrens and youth orchestras, music centers and workshops in Venezuela, in which more than 250,000 children and young people are currently learning to play an instrument.It was set up over thirty years ago by José Antonio Abreu, who was driven by the Utopian vision of a better future. In the dangerous and poverty-stricken shanty towns of Caracas, Abreu lifts children out of poverty through music, changing both people and structures. The story, which has all the makings of a fairytale, is the extraordinary account of a vision that has become reality. The film �El Sistema' shows how Abreu's astonishing ideas have led the way out of the vicious circle of poverty - and how the power of music has been able to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people. The film shows the gripping way �El Sistema' functions on a daily basis in a typical nucléo: the �La Rinconada' nucléo is located adjoining the barrio of the same name. The area around the nucléo is considered as one of the most dangerous and poorest areas in Caracas. Up to 300 children find their daily destination here. In the film, three selected young people from the nucléo are accompanied through their daily lives for a whole year. The kids come from different backgrounds, family circumstances and stages of personal development. There are correspondingly few overlaps in their biographies � up until the day when they become part of the �system' and are confronted by their own instruments, as well as the love, persistence and patience of their teachers. One of Jose Antonio Abreu's key goals is to broaden young people's horizons and encourage them to organize their own lives in a meaningful, responsible way. The film documents the personal development of the children and teenagers, few of whom will be crowned by a successful musical career. This is, however, not what the system aspires to.The film explores the central question: what can the system accomplish by connecting young people with classical music, and to what extent can it change their lives?

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Spanish language with English subtitles.

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